Thursday, November 09, 2006

Playin' Catch Up

My true nature comes out with this blog sometimes - the procrastinator in me that is.

I've missed the following events to blog on:
Kings Game
Jake's 5th Birthday
Britney and Kevin
LOST fall finale

Here we go with the quick recap

I dressed like the owner of the company.

Yes, I know you dont get it - well maybe for the few coworkers that have started to read my blog will relive my infamous glory.

The funny thing about this costume was that I went to Jake's school for his costume parade and know very few parents because of the times I pick up/drop off Jacob.

So I tried to make conversation and be cordial - but they kept giving me a look. Well during the parade one of the mom's I do know, Gayle, came over and we started talking about the kids and costumes. And I made a comment about how the parents were giving me looks. She then says, "Well, maybe they dont realize you are wearing a costume. They probably think you are like a Pat or something." Seriously the thought never crossed my mind until she mentioned it. She laughed her ass off and I just got in my car and drove to work, where later that day mind you I won 1st prize for Best Look-A-Like costume. YAY ME!

Kings Game:
Anna oh Anna - that girl came through for me like never before. She called me to be her "date" for the Pittsburgh game last week at the last minute. Luckily Jake's dad was able to watch Jake that night for what turned out to be one of the greatest things I've ever done. GLASS SEATS BITCHES! Oh yeah - not only did we have glass seats at the game, our little neighbor buddy ended up rubbing his nipple on the glass and got the attention (and dare I say affection) of the Penguin's goalie. I almost slid out of my chair laughing so hard. Look at the picture below - you see the last guy above the Toyota emblem on the far right? Yeah, I'm sitting right next to him.

Jake's 5th Birthday
He's 5. I wrote him a very endearing note on his birthday card and since he's an avid reader now - he chose to read it out loud. I cried, then my friend cried, then my mom cried, then Jake looked at me and smiled. Now I'm tearing up again - DAMMIT!

Britney and Kevin
I swear - the moment I heard I was actually giddy. Divorce isnt pretty but I'm happy for her.

LOST fall finale
That was it?!!? SERIOUSLY!!?? I wanted more! I needed more to keep my interest until February 07! At least we have Heroes.

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mr_g said...

Yeah, Britney's single again. You think I got a shot???