Friday, October 31, 2008

My Pippi-licious Day

Oh where do I begin? I guess at the beginning is as good of a place as any.

My Halloween costume this year was Pippi Longstocking. Now, knowing me, I started planning this costume about a week ago and had to do some initial preparation. The two major portions of my planning were my dress and how I was going to get my braided hair to stick out. After a successful trip to the Goodwill store - I was done with my dress only having to add a few details. Next was the task of figuring out how to get my hair to do what it needed to do. I used a suggestion from a coworker to add some coat hangers to a headband and VOILA! Pippi braids are born!

This morning I get up early to get ready. I put the headband with wires on and a funny thing happened. I couldnt walk through the doorways in my apartment. I found this to be really hilarious and the hilarity ensued when I tried to paint my hair red with some costume hairspray out in my back patio...alone...using one mirror...and trying not to get much on myself. On to the rest of the costume - with the hair finished, the freckles added, the pirate hat on - I was on my way to work. Until I get to my car and I dont fit in my car because of the hat and the hair is hindering...well everything. I couldn't stop laughing that I had to call Kostas to share.

I arrive at work and my coworker can't stop laughing at me. And I mean anytime I walk by her desk she is cracking up. It was pretty funny actually. And this is what she was laughing at:

In the picture, you can't really tell how the headband and the wires are but let me tell you that the wires are kind of digging into my scalp and its hurting a whole hell of a lot. So much so that I had to stick little pieces of fabric underneath the wire in my hair. There was a lot of stuff going on at work, the pinnacle being our company event and costume contest (where I won Best Look-A-Like). After work, I headed straight home because 1) my head was hurting and 2) my feet were KILLING me.

I make myself dinner and sit down to relax. That is, until there was a knock at my door. I have to state that I made it a point not to turn on the light. So I get up and there are the kids asking for candy. I let them know that I didn't have any and closed the door. About 3 minutes later, another knock at the door - same routine. I'm digging into my chicken and veggies when KNOCK KNOCK...I open again and there they are - again! I bit my tongue and apologized for not having candy. I sit and get settled when KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. This time I wasnt holding back. I opened the door and they are yelling "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" And I say - "If the light isnt on - you do not knock for candy! Learn the rules!" and then I proceed to shut the door rather hard.

Here is the best part of all that - I posted "Do kids know the basic rule of Trick or Treating? If the light is OFF there is NO CANDY! I just enlightened a few 10 yr olds." on my Facebook/Myspace/Twitter accounts. I know that I have sarcastic friends but damn Gina! Maybe I was being a bit over sensitive but I thought it was funny after I realized what I had done and now people are saying that I was being mean! I almost started posting comment after comment justifying my "rudeness". Don't get me wrong - I posted a little something but I was still a little annoyed by it all.

Now - Halloween is all but over and all I have left to remind me of the day is a gift certificate for a massage and two sore feet. Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Attack of the Zombies

A while back, I had to have a talk with Jake about some confusion he had over the Thriller dance. After he watch the actual Thriller video, Jake was hooked on Michael Jackson. Over the weekend, there was an event at the Hollywood and Highland complex called "Thrill The World" and I was going to try my best to get Jake there to see it.

Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. This year they had 4,177 people in 72 cities in 10 nations participating. Just so you know, that is a world record!

So there we are, arriving JUST in time to watch it all go down. I have to say that I was actually planning to participate but opted out at the last minute. Oh but how I regretted it that day.

Click here to see the performance at Hollywood and Highland but I opted to post the video from the San Francisco event because nothing says scary zombie like dancing in your roller skates.

If you are interested in seeing videos from other cities, go here! I dare not to want to do that dance afterwards :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adding Another Reader To The Blogroll

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Kerry and Natalie on the birth of their new son, Jack.

Welcome to the club!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pluck and Blow

While interviewing Wynton Marsalis on the latest episode of the Colbert Report, they showed a very short clip of Stephen Colbert playing a saxophone with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar playing a double bass. Yes, I did a double take and then a few minutes of some internet searching and VOILA! I find the original clip where they pulled it from.

The best laugh I had all day. Enjoy...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Whew! Thought It Was Just Me...

One day, after watching an episode of "Two and a Half Men" (don't judge me) I noticed that one of the slides at the end of the episode had a little bit more writing than usual. With the magic of TiVo, I paused the screen to see a slide from Chuck Lorre Productions. It was something like this (its not exactly this but I picked this one because its funny):

This is the official "I have nothing worth writing about" vanity card. It will run whenever I have nothing worth writing about. Don't be surprised to see it quite a bit. From now on, when our schedule requires me to deliver a new card and I'm empty, I'll simply say, "Run one eleven." A check of the one hundred and ten cards I've already written will quickly demonstrate that I should have written this card a long time ago. Why didn't I? Vanity. I had become vain about my vanity cards. I was determined to write a new one each week because, well... I'm just that kind of guy. But I'm older and wiser now. I know when I have nothing to say. And that knowledge is freedom. Freedom from the constant need to win your approval. And more importantly, freedom from the obsessive and relentless need to end each vanity card on a joke. The Electoral College.*

1st Aired: 8 Nov 2004

I have to admit that on the one hand I'm so happy I found these Vanity Cards because they are so funny and on the other hand I'm sooo pissed off at myself that I had never seen them before! Its like my tv is giving me this look...the exact same look that I pictured my brother giving me when I told him I discovered "This American Life". That look goes something like this:

New Blog of Note!

Jessica tweeted about this blog called "Sad Guys on Trading Floors". I just spent the past 30 minutes laughing my ass off.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attempts to Recover

I really don't like the randomness that viruses hit people. Colds, flu, stomach flu...its all so whatever. When it comes to me though, I've noticed that I'm losing my voice a lot more frequently than I used to. Which actually isn't that bad when you are at home alone. However, it does become a pain when people are calling you to check up on you and you really dont have the energy (or voice) to have any sort of conversation other than "Hi, I'm sick, ok, uh-huh, ok, bye". Kostas sent me this awesome e-card that pretty much sums up what I've come to realize what sick days are, days to "Eat, Sleep, and Relax"

In that spirit, I made a hamburger soup on Saturday afternoon and have had enough left over to feed me all weekend.

I've relaxed by watching the movies below:
Season 2 of 30 Rock - I swear that show is so funny, if you haven't started watching it, I highly recommend it.
Smart People - it took awhile for me to get into the movie but when I pulled back I finally got into it. I liked it but didnt love it.
Victor/Victoria - Ok I've seen this movie about 20 times and the ending always cracks me up.
The Squid and the Whale - Yeah...I tried to watch it with the "its an independent film" and thought maybe I wasnt "smart" enough to get it. I got it and did not like it. I liked what they tried to do with it but above all I didnt like the characters, I hated the father (especially) and the older son. I always feel that if I cant cheer for the characters, there is no point to watch the movie.
Stranger Than Fiction - I've seen this movie before and always end up watching it when its on cable. I just really enjoy it and its one of those movies I always forget to buy when I see it in the store.
Dan in Real Life - This was on my Netflix queue and I saw it on cable and jumped on the chance to see it. The funny thing is that I thought Catherine Keeler was in this movie and kept waiting for her to come out. Movie ended and no Catherine! I know that its my own mini dorkiness but since its my blog I figured I shared. By the way, I really liked the movie.

Since there were times when channel surfing was the only thing to watch, I ended up catching the finales of the following movies:
Enchanted - This is one of those movies that I was happy to have a child to drag to. It's cute enough to make me cry (lets be real, when don't I cry) and campy enough to make me laugh.
Dirty Dancing - I gotta say, this was one of those moments where I actually said "Oh! Oh! Oh!" I turned to the movie right when Johnny says "No one puts Baby in the corner!"
Philadelphia - I turned to the movie right after the verdict was given. Well, if you've seen the movie you know what happens. :(

On top of all that movie goodness, I also finished a scarf and started making a hat. I've never made a hat, so lets see how this sucker comes out. Lets cross our fingers people!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Nothing like heading into a beautiful weekend with a sore throat and no energy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Note to My Brother

I found it!!! The best deterrent for mom...

Me: So mom, what do you think of the sign in my window?
Mom: Oh yes, I saw it. I almost didnt come in.
Me: Well, that was kind of the point.
Dad: Ha!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Talking Politics

I got my sample ballot today. I can't tell you how excited I am about receiving it. Its like the countdown has officially begun. I've already made my decision about some of the races and measures. But others, I still have some research to do until I can render my verdict.

I have to admit that I've never been so riveted and so vocal about any election as I am with this one; so much so that I'm actually considering being a poll worker this election day. Yes, 4 years ago I walked around a VERY Republican workplace saying how Bush was the WORST choice and was met with angry jeers and not-so-nice retorts. Today, I'm surrounded by many, many of my fellow Dems and sit back and watch most of Republicans and undecideds the drink this Palin worship inducing kool aid and ask myself - WHY?!?!?! WHY are you guys buying this BULLSHIT?!?!?

Here was my defining moment with Dubya and why I dislike, distrust, and disrespect him: if he were to envoke the draft to supply the military personnel to fight the war he ILLEGALLY launched, would he allow his daughters to go? The answer is no! He would send them off somewhere where they would evade the draft! He would hide behind some policy and yet force other families to send their children, siblings, or parents off to war. Some may say "Well, it was really Dick Cheney and Karl Rove pulling the strings" Really? You REALLY think that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES would allow himself to be hoodwinked?!?!? I don't think so. Thats my major sticking point (among many, many points) with Dubya.

Now, I actually respect the fact that McCain served in the military. I respect that he was in the House of Representatives for 4 years and then has been a Senator for 20 years. No doubt he has a plethera of experience and knowledge to share. He's promoting himself as a Maverick (take a shot people!) which may be true because he has always been on the brink of walking away from the Republican party. Thats not being a Maverick, thats being not committed. I think that this year was his "turn". Four years ago, he got pushed out of the race because of a smear campaign by Dubya. By the way, where is Dubya's support? Oh yes...they dont want him around. More harm than good. If you can't trust your own party who can you trust right? By the way - are you aware that most of Bush's advisors are moving over to McCain's campaign? (p/s he needs to stop calling me his friend - me no likey)

Enter Sarah Palin. Palin has been great comedy fodder for, well everyone. She promotes herself to be one of us. Someone who Americans can relate to and therefore should vote for her because one of us will be in the White House. First of all, she is not like me. HELL NO. I don't know about any of you but I dont want someone like me in the White House! I want someone smarter, a more creative thinker, more decisive, and many things that I want my LEADER to be. Someone who can fix the economy, not have issues like I have with my checkbook and impulsive spending. I don't want her representing what I believe in because we DO NOT believe in the same things. Equality, Reproductive Rights, Protecting the Environment...should I continue?

Now Joe Biden. I just have to say that Joe Biden reminds me of that uncle that I would run to if I was in a shitload of trouble and needed help fast. He would listen to me ramble about what happened then help as best he could. Thats a man I want supporting my President!

Have you figured out who I'm voting for? If its still not clear, here is a little something I picked up last weekend and is sitting in my apartment window.

Go out this November 4th and exercise your right to vote!

The Un-Lucky Burger Joint

There is this burger place down the street that I've been wanting to try for a while now. I drive by it at least 3 times a week but never stop. Why? Well, thats the funny thing. I never have any interest in getting something at any time. Then why the curiousity to try? For the sake of trying.

Tonight I couldn't decide on what to have for dinner. It was too late to make anything at home and I wasnt in the mood to buy anything from my usual fast food joints (can I get an amen for Taco Bell?!?). I figured I would just go for it.

That was a complete and utter failure.

I ordered chili nachos because I'm dying to find a place where I can find chili nachos that remind me of the days of yore when I would watch my dad coach soccer when I was a kid. Its been 20 years!! You would think I would have found it already!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

One of the Strangest Things I've Ever Seen

Hanging out with some friends last night, we saw this commercial come on the tv.

I cannot tell you how creepy I find this commercial. I mean really? As irresistable as chocolate? I get the concept but its really REALLY creepy that this guy is tearing his limbs off and melting his body parts. And dont get me started on the girls that bites the guy's ass.

Truth time - is it creepy or is it just me?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Weekend Plans

This is how I want to be all weekend:
Doubtful it will happen considering the Dodgers are playing the Cubbies tonight in game 3. I'll be too busy jumping up and down cheering for my boys in blue.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Its Effing Hot!

Ok - when did the summer start again? I'm sitting on my bed with the window wide open and the fan on and I'm still sweating.


I hate when mother nature says "See - I told you people to carpool!"