Monday, February 28, 2005

Pulling Rank

You know - one of the funniest things that has happened to me as a parent happened at the Ice Dogs game and it completely slipped my mind to post it until I was telling someone at work about my weekend. So the Jacob wanted some cotton candy - and the wonderful mother that I am, decided to buy him some because nothing is better than a 3 year old on a sugar high at 9pm. During the 2nd intermission, we went in search of the cotton candy man all over the arena. After 10 minutes of walking, we find him and he is surrounded by people snatching up the cotton candies. One by one they start disappearing - I decided that I was NOT going to let my son down and that I needed to start playing a bit dirty. I talked louder than the others, but when its a 28 yr old versus a 10 year old - well you can see who wins that contest. So it was down to me and a 6 yr old girl - and only 1 cotton candy left. We both said it at the same time "One Cotton Candy, Please". The vendor looks at me and then at the girl, then back at me and says "Ma'am" while pointing to the girl. Well the gloves were off, I looked at him and said "Sir" and pointed at Jacob - who for some reason had this sad look on his face. The vendor hands me the cotton candy and says "You win" I swear I felt like Rocky knocking out the opponent. I grabbed Jacob and ran up the stairs - took every fiber in my mature personality not to stick my tongue out at the little girl and do a raspberry.

Grease, Ice Dogs, and Foxx

That in a nutshell was my weekend. Jacob and I went down to LA on Saturday morning because we were going to go see Grease with my mother and sister-in-law. We had so much fun! Jacob, I'm sure, would have liked more singing, but he had a good time none the less. When we got there I realized that we really hadnt eaten anything all day - since we woke up late and then got on the road. So it was about 1:30pm, no breakfast, no lunch and I had a hungry child. The only snacks we could get a hold of was chips and cookies they were selling at the theater - cool...but when we tried to go in, they wouldnt let us enter with the food. Like I said, it was a good show - really impressive. I saw Grease in Pasadena about 9 years ago and it was different - well I remember it being different and I guess it would be since everyone had their own interpretation of the play. What impressed me the most, was the theater. We went to the Redondo Beach Civic Light Opera house - its a converted high school auditorium. I'd really like to go back. So that night we met up with my sister-in-law's cousin and went to the Long Beach Ice Dogs game - we lost 2-1. I had fun though...not exactly the same as NHL, I could have used a lot more violence, but thats just me. It was like a little fix for my lack of hockey, I would definitely like to go back. The next day went and had lunch at Benihana's with some friends and then started the long drive back. When I got home, I went to a dinner party with the people from my bowling team. Now I've never really been to a "dinner party". I've gone to friend's houses for dinner but its always been rather casual - it was so nice! I loved her house, it really shows off her style.

Jaime Foxx won Best Actor, I so happy!

I'm waiting for my tax refund to show up in my account so I can buy plane tickets for my trip in April. I'm sick of waiting for it. Should show up this week. Ok - I have yet another paper to write - I got an A- on my last one, WOOHOO!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bad Boys...Bad Boys...Watcha gonna do?

Holy crap I had a great time on my police ride along tonight. I swear I felt like I was in an actual COPS episode. Had the witty banter with the police officer, we sped along side streets to get to calls, saw people complaining about the stupidest things in their trailer park, couple of domestic calls, and we arrested someone! WOOHOO! I'm going to have to sign up to go again - the funny part is that it was a "slow" night. Which sure, it was but it was still pretty non-stop. Its funny how cops in a small town really do everyone's bidness - you know? I mean I'm sure its not hard and since it seems its the same crowd over and over that gets into trouble. Interesting part of the night was right at the start we went to a call and the lady who made the complaint knew me - I vaguely remembered her..then her friend showed up and I knew him. Then we went somewhere else and I knew that person - the police officer I was with was asking me how many people I really did know in town...which in all honesty isnt many, just funny how we kept running into "my" acquaintences. Then again that might not be a good thing...may need to rethink my pool of friends here in town. All good though - like I said - in the immortal words of Donkey "LETS DO THAT AGAIN!"

Friday, February 25, 2005

My head hurts...

I went out last night for my friend's 21st birthday. I had me a banana margarita and we did a round of blowjob shots. It was lots of fun...but now my head hurts a little bit. I WONDER WHY?!?! Just a quickie update - I have lots of things to do today since I'm planning a full weekend. Hopefully I'll have an exciting post tonight, I'm going on a police ride along..WOOHOO!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Impressionable 3yr old + Fear Factor = Not Good

So I found out last night that Fear Factor and a 3-yr old don't mix. Yes this may not seem like rocket science but, well, let me tell you the story. We were channel surfing and they were showing a rerun of (I guess ) the season one finale where they were in Vegas eating some cave dwelling Brazilian spiders off of a roulette table. Jacob saw the roulette table and wanted to watch - so we watched. See thats where I know I went wrong, I allowed the man to chose what to watch. ANYWAYS, we watched it and I had to explain why these crazy people were eating giant spiders. So all went well the rest of the night, until 11:30pm. He woke up with nightmares - from what I wonder?!? He kept saying he saw bugs. I figured it was a shadow he saw on the wall but he was convinced it was spiders all over the wall. Let me say there are few moments in my life where I envisioned my mother actually slapping me upside the head...this was one of them. Finally got him back to sleep, all was good with the world.

LOST Observation: K, so I love LOST. Everything seems to tie together or is supposed to. When Jun goes to that guy's house to "deliver a message" and the little girl was watching TV...did you see Hurley on there getting into a car?!?! Oooohhh...mental note people! I read a spoiler (I know Shannon, I tried) and I think I figured it out but nothing is ever what it seems on that show.

ALIAS rocks! I swear me in the middle of Sark and Vaughn...its like my porn dream come true.

Jay won the competition for Project Runway - pretty happy about that.

Went to Starbucks this morning - they remembered my name! But she spelled it wrong. 1 for 2 aint bad.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


First of all for those keeping tabs on the bowling...bowled my average all night, even went up ONE WHOLE POUND on the ball. Gotta admit, I feel more control but I feel like I moved up from the Jr. Leagues...time to step up my friends...time to step up!

So I got a haircut and highlights last Friday and after the holiday, came into work yesterday with the new do - only the gals noticed. At the end of the day, I pointed it out to one of the officers that are in my office and he said "well it does look curlier" I said "Of course it does - I cut it! Not as much hair means more curls" So I razzed him about that a little bit. So he goes home to tell his wife about it, how I was "angry" (funny guy) and his wife says, "Well you dont notice things - I got highlights in my hair last week and you havent said anything!" So today he is pointing out my new haircut to EVERYONE that enters the office.

So last night - I found out someone is fishing for information about me and they are getting stuff on me that seriously, like 10 people know about. Not a huge deal in terms of the info but I'm in search of the person who broke the seal of TRUST! Apparently I'm dating two guys right now and there is a line fun!

I plan on getting coffee tomorrow - so I'm going to try Scott's suggestion about using Missy. If anything it will throw them for a loop. Went to McD's for lunch today, seriously I havent been there in about a month.

My friend is coming home from Iraq - he'll be back in California probably Monday - I am happy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Spelled my name wrong at Starbucks again and I tried paying someone a compliment on their hair and she got all postal on me about how everyone (especially at work and she said it REALLY loud) is copying it and went on a 5 minute rant about it. I would have told her to take a chill pill but she was working on my vanilla latte. Its like when you have to send the food back at a restaurant but want to do it in a nice way because you dont want weird new ingredients when you get the plate back. At least I only have to work 3 days this week.

Monday, February 21, 2005

A drunk midget, a blast from the past, and being peed on

So thats my weekend my friends!

A drunk midget - have you guys seen THE SURREAL LIFE on VH1? They stick a bunch of b-list celebs into a house and let the mayhem run its course. They have Verne Troyer (Mini-Me), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), and Chynna (a woman wrestler from the WWF). Holy Crap - Chynna and Verne are seriously f*cked up, especially Chynna. Its like watching a train wreck - some of these reality shows. There is another one that my mom just cant turn away from..its called STRANGE LOVE with the continuing love story of one of, if not THE, oddest couples I have ever seen - Flava Flav of Public Enemy and Brigitte Nielsen. I kinda shudder everytime I see them my mom says its a little icky. But hey, if they are happy, more power to them.

My blast from the past wasnt a complete surprise. We got invited to a reception for a couple that got married in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Our family has known the bride and her family for about 20 years now. The bride used to take care of my brother and I after school. It was like a time warp thing seeing all the kids being in high school and joining the military, but alas time has to move on. At the reception, I saw my ex-boyfriend's parents there. It was nice to see them and catch up a bit. It was also funny them telling me how my ex was doing great, living on his own and just being wonderful. ANYWAYS...It was a nice little party. Then we drove to Thousand Oaks (in the freaking rain!) to visit some old friends of the family. It was so nice to hang out with them - we drove back (in the FREAKING rain) today.

So we were almost home when Jacob announces he has to go to the bathroom. GREAT! He's telling us...unfortunately there is really no bathroom until we actually get home. So we rush and I run in with him and get him on his potty and well, he didnt "tuck" that thing in quite so well, it (I mean the pee) came flying out all over my arm. He, of course, is proud as pie that he's peeing in the potty, I on the other hand am getting grossed out because HE'S PEEING ON ME! Its one thing when they are a few months old and they let loose...its another when it feels like he's aiming directly at me.

Well, I have a movie to catch and homework to finish. More excitement to follow I'm sure.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Does Chicken Count?

Ok - so its Lent - its Friday...I know I cant have meat - does chicken count? Even my mom had to stop and think on that one. A little help people-I think no, my mom thinks no...but I brought chicken for lunch and I need to know if I'm going to be sent to eternal damnation if I eat it.

One of my bosses gave me a card and some cool pictures of airplanes - I'm loving this job.

So I don't know if everyone got an email or not pertaining to comments on this thing. I changed the setting so anyone is able to post comments to my postings. It would be cool if people actually signed their names or something instead of me trying to figure out who "anonymous" is. Although that would put some intrigue into my day. A daily cloak and dagger if you will....hmm, interesting thought.

Scott called me Missy again - he's on my list. He knows I hate that nickname and yet he uses it, my own damn fault for pointing it out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

One L Two S's

So really - how hard is it to spell Melissa? I go to Starbucks at least twice a week and they know me by face, some know my drink, and maybe two or three of the gals actually know my name (that is power my friend!). This morning they spelled my name MALLISSA. Ok - I have NEVER heard anyone spell Melissa that way. Keep it simple people! This has been on my list of "Things that annoy me", its officially been bumped up a few notches.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Can't a girl get some physical violence?

Damn that Gary Bettman...Damn the NHL....Damn the NHLPA - DAMN THEM ALL!

My hockey season got cancelled today. I've been reading editorial after editorial about this thing and I'm just sick of it. People need to talk! Thats my rant - I swear my new coworkers think I'm nuts for liking hockey I've been talking about the season being cancelled all day. Sure they had better things to worry about like a higher ranking military official visiting and his plane breaking down and thus delaying his trip for 3 hours - but hey MY HOCKEY SEASON GOT CANCELLED. Oh yeah and I had a paper to write. No worries, I managed.

So bowling last night - I averaged 103 on the night and my average went up to 92. So I realized that I've been talking a lot about my bowling - its like my steady weekly post. If anything you guys get to read how my bowling went. Just a thought - maybe because its one of the few things that are constant in my life-ya know?

Saw LOST and ALIAS tonight. Damn I love those shows.

Ok - crashing out early relatively early. My dad just got himself a bowl of Corn Pops - I think I'm going to get me some too.

Monday, February 14, 2005

WTF is right!

So Scott has received many a references here lately - he's going to have to get a prize or something. I was reading his blog this morning and apparently his parents had quite the adventure this morning. Take a looksie

Happy Valentine's Day and Some Lovin' For The Boys

So went to Vegas this weekend - had a good time. My nephew got blessed. He's so adorable. You can read up on the Vegas Sagastume's on my brother's blog. I dont know if you've noticed that I started adding links here and there. I'm very proud that I figured this out, well I exaggerate a bit, Scott helped me a lot. There was a point where the information was not clicking and I was tempted to give Scott my password to this thing to do it for me. But I wont learn anything if I do that.

Happy Valentine's Day people! I love my friends - there is your valentine's day card from me. Its funny how Valentine's Day means something different to different people. Couples are forced or expected to celebrate it, my friend Ashley and her boyfriend and not celebrating it - they are of the "We hate Valentine's Day" mentality. You go guys! Some single people hate it because its all about "love" and "affection" and all the crap that is may not be in their lives. And guys hate it because of the pressure thats put on them to make it a perfect day - every year. So guys here is something just for you. They have invented a new holiday just for the guys. Let me tell you - I'm feeling like I need be more creative and market some stuff on the net to make some money. I dont know whats a better thought in that department - this holiday or Saving Toby. I'm thinking that this new holiday should be in January so women will work "hard" so they get a great Valentine's Day. Putting it in March puts all the pressure on the guys to do well on Valentine's Day. Just a thought.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I Heart Scott

I have a friend named Scott, we have been friends with for about 7 years now. Apparently I inspired him to start his own blog. He makes me laugh so hard, its hard to find someone who is of the same twisted sense of humor and since most of our relationship is based on email - its even funnier to be friends that way. We had a little discussion about email friends and one of his friends opted not to be friends anymore because it was based on email. I find that so funny. I have no qualms about being friends with anyone via email. Sure it sucks but I live far away, so you have to make due and have your relationship however you can. We would go months without emails to one another and poof out of the blue we start chatting again. I love friends like that, not to say that I would prefer the spotted communication but that you have that base that you can pick up where things left off, like family members - you know? Puts people in a special category in my book.

So if you go to his blog there is a link to a website called Save Toby. Holy crap that is HYSTERICAL! You have to see it for yourself. I told my friend about it and he said he was bummed he didnt think of it himself - frankly so am I!

So this is my blog dedicated to Scotty boy - TO BEER BREATH!

Monday, February 07, 2005

My goodness - I might actually have a life!

So I havent posted yet again in a few days. Must be a good sign that I have had other things to do than sit in front of the computer and type about some misadventures in my life. Right now I'm watching Wheel of Fortune - well my mom is and since the computer is in the living room, I'm watching it by default. Some guy just IM'd me asking me out, I had to turn him down. I have standards, like seeing an actual photo of the guy and talking to him for more than a minute on the internet. There is a really ugly couple on WOF. Damn its like they were slapped with the ugly stick - both of them - the man once and the woman twice.

So had a nice weekend. Friday - quiet stayed in and relaxed. Saturday night, went to a friend's house and watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again - I swear the whole Blue Collar thing is hysterical. I saw a George Lopez comedy special called "Why you cry?" on Comedy Central on Friday night (catching a theme here?). I was laughing so hard. Sunday - SuperBowl, my favorite commercial was the cat with the marinara sauce and on top of that I won dinner because the Patriots won - woohoo!

My brother gave me a shout out on his blog. You know why? Of course you don't...I called him and reminded him that tomorrow is my parent's wedding anniversary. I swear that boy cant remember that my mom's birthday is the day before his wedding anniversary and thats because he's too busy trying to remember the wedding anniversary. But thats why I love him.

Well, I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going to go lay down and watch the West Wing Marathon because well, I love West Wing and I can do whatever I want! I'll probably go to sleep and try to wake up feeling better.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

What a freakin' slacker!

Almost a week has gone by and I havent posted. A weekend came and went, bowling came and went, I even started a new job!

Some points of interest for the week:

New Job
I started a new job. The office managers got shuffled around and I got placed in another area. I now work for the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, the Chief Test Pilot and the Technical Director of VX-31 which is our test squadron. Boy oh boy - so many sailors...not many to rant about but the uniforms make life just plain interesting I guess. Its funny because I know some guys from around town and to see them in their uniforms and having to address them as Petty Officer this or Airmen that - just funny to me I guess. So I'm learning all the military ranks and they gave me this list of all the armed forces as a cheat sheet. OH OH OH! AND...I found out today that I have my own parking spot...yup, right next to the Skipper. I have to really step up to the plate here - not to say that I can't, I guess I'm just a little intimidated. Mostly because of the military regs I have to learn. My one thing was not to disrespect an officer - you know? And I did that by accident yesterday. I accidentally called a Lieutenant Colonel a Lieutenant. According to my cheat sheet - I downgraded him two ranks. I apologized and patched him to the CTP (Chief Test Pilot) - he didnt complain to him so I thought that was a good sign. However, the guy is being transferred here - the CTP said he was going to tease me about it when he got here...nice huh?

I'm sure you are anxiously awaiting what has transpired with my bowling team. Well, WAIT NO MORE! So we came into this week in first place and we were doing position playing, which means the 1st place team plays the 2nd place team, 3rd place plays 4th get the idea. We were 3 games up and we play 4 games a week (we actually play 3 games but the total pins for all three games counts as the last game - I know too much information, I'll keep typing). It was such an important game to my team captains that (no kidding) they called me to do a tutoring session. I actually learned a lot since normally the only time I do bowl is during our league night. So, my average had gone up to 91 - I bowled an 86 the first game, 85th the second game, and a (get ready) 131 the last game. I got two doubles - which is two strikes in a row. I was sooo money that last game. We killed them - it was almost embarassing. You beat a team by total pins (that obviously get knocked down) the first game we beat them by like 160 - which is a huge amount. You figure I normally do 91, so it was like we had another bowler. I know I'm rambling like I've been playing this for years - kind of sad, but I'm having so much fun I really dont care. So next week - we are up by 5 games on the 2nd place team (the 3rd place team leapfrogged the team we played). So very excited.

In my No Freaking Way category:
I was watching VH1 and they were showing the new 3 Doors Down video - and they had the "heroine" of the video going to work at Jumbo's Clown Room! I thought it was freaking hysterical since that was my friend's favorite strip club. He's in Iraq and I promptly sent him an email telling him. I'm sure he doesnt care much since he's, you know, fighting a war - but I thought I'd share with him.

Ok - I got homework to do. Late Doggs!