Monday, October 31, 2005


Here is my I said, I got a lot of compliments. You can't see it too well, but I'm also wearing a key around my neck...for what? Its for the drano - watch Dirty Harry if you don't get the reference.

Happy Halloween!!!

Ahhh - nothing like a 90 degree day to remind you of Halloween. Damn its hot outside, trust me, I know - I went out there. I dont know if I mentioned that my cousin works right next door, I mean literally NEXT door me and he called me over because they were having tacos - since I love free lunches and tacos...I said yes. Damn they were yummy, well thats the reason why I was outside, in the sun, in my costume. Did I say costume? Yup, I'm all dressed up, one of 8 or so people in the company dressed to impress. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my costume. Still not telling you though!!! I'll be posting a picture up later. Its just too good to just let out of the bag like this.

So I went to a costume party on Friday night and let me see - highlights...
1) I was pretty much the only sober one there (which hearing what my friend went through on Saturday and Sunday I was damn grateful)
2) Got spanked by two gay guys
3) This guy was telling me about how he was attacked by Nazis, even though I was convinced he was one
4) Someone said I looked hot...luckily it was a guy but not to my face - he told my friend. BUT STILL!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Is it wrong?

I'm giddy over the indictment and resignation.

Bad Melissa. At least I didn't woohoo like my roommate did this morning when he heard the news, I just smiled - widely.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get Comfy...its going to be a long one...

I have so much to say today that I’ll start off with a rather obvious and categorize these suckas for an easier read.

DUBYA: Yes, the big man has done it again. His ally has decided to walk away from the Supreme Court nomination; his vice president, chief advisor, and who knows how many other people are probably going to be indicted for the CIA leak…its like his crafty house of cards is collapsing on itself. All I want to do is sit back and watch – is that wrong? If you know me well enough, you know that I am NOT a fan of the Dubya. Never was, never will be. And it appears to me that all his scheming and conniving are finally coming to a head. Did anyone watch Al Franken on The Daily Show with John Stewart? Yeah – that was hysterical.

The Da Vinci Code: I FINISHED IT!! Holy cow that was a page turner, everyone was right. Now I’m hearing from a couple of people, one whose opinion I regard very highly, that Brown’s book Angels and Demons, which apparently is the prequel to The Da Vinci Code, is even better. So yes, I’m borrowing it. I still have The Widow of the South at home; I need to knock that one out.

Halloween Costume: Ok, this is just too good not to share. Last night I was trying on my Halloween costume that I bought online (mistake #1) – on the website it said that a medium would fit 8-10, so that’s what I bought. When the package arrived earlier in the week, it said that a small would fit 6-10 and a medium would fit 10-14 – that’s a big jump…not to mention that I miraculously dropped a pant size over the weekend. So now I was panicking, I rush to the bathroom to try on the costume and the pants are actually a little tight. I check the tag and it says medium but damn, it’s a little snug. Not too bad, I can deal with it (mistake #2). So that past couple of nights I’ve been helping out the roomie with his costume – tailoring it a bit if you will. So I’ve been doing a lot of sewing (or earning my keep as he liked to put it). Last night I finished what I needed to do with his and opted to work on mine, not a lot needed to be done just a little taking in here and there. I put the whole costume on, even with the accessories I had bought that evening and VOILA! Not too shabby – damn dropped something…I bend over to pick it up and RRRIIIPPP! Oh yeah…I immediately turn around and damn skippy, right down the seam. The roomie’s reassurances that “The material is cheap” and “They don’t put them together very well” were a nice try to make me feel better, but failed. I sewed it up again but I fear that it’s going to happen again. I need to find a back up pair of pants, so we’ll see how that goes since I have bowling plans tonight.

P/S To Scott and Kelena - the costume I told you is not what I decided to go with....something very different.

The Jakeman – he’s sick (again) and he was supposed to go on his very first field trip to the pumpkin patch today with his preschool. Damn that sucks, he was so unbelievably excited. He also got a haircut which apparently did not go that well because he banned me from allowing him to go back. I find that odd because he loves his stylist (yes, the boy has a stylist) – so I have to get the non-3yr old version of the story from my mom.

The Twins – since I was done with my Da Vinci Code reading, I opted to rejoin society and listen to Kevin and Bean (if you are not in LA, that’s a local morning radio show) and they were talking about these twins that um…well…how should I put this…are cute little blonds who have put out an album and are used widely for recruitment purposes for the White Supremacy movement. I just can’t even type any more because not only was I speechless in the car, but now I seem to be wordless here on the blog. Click HERE for the story.

Ok – I’m spent. Maybe more later.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Here is a picture of Thai Elvis from when I went to dinner with Sophia and Waymond last week at Palms Thai. I swear that place rocks. I'm considering having another birthday party there since the last one went over so well.

On an LA Kings fan note, Marty McSorley was hanging out in the press box, which my seats are in front of and I screamed at him to get this picture. I swear its him - damn those picture phones and me jumping up and down to get his attention. See the comparison?

Monday, October 24, 2005


A loyal reader of this blog is coming back from the Middle East today. I'm happy you are back, I'm sure Kelena is happier.

Welcome Home!


I had typed this long ass post about my weekend and such filled with wit, insightfulness and just plain great and now I get an error message!!??! Not to mention the fact that when I clicked on the back button, the message had erased. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!!

Here is the quickie version:
1) Bought The DaVinci Code on CD - I dont mind commuting anymore, as a matter of fact bring on gridlock! For those of you that read the book - I'm at the part where they are at the safe deposit box.
2) My cd player in my car sucks ass.
3) Thai Elvis
4) Shannon and I at the hockey game last night. Nice car Shannon.
5) Went to the car wash on Saturday, which worked out nicely since today its misty and forgot the sunroof was open a wee bit. When telling the story, Jacob tells people that "Mommy and I were screaming like little girls"

The Weekend Plus A Little More...

Whats up my peeps? Such a gloomy day in Los Angeles...what grand coffee drinking weather and since I got to work a whole half hour early, I walked the three blocks to Starbucks to get myself a little something. Still dont know if there is a Coffee Bean within walking distance, have to scope that out. Probably Jessica and Shannon would appreciate that little bit of knowledge. Let me just say that the whole city just seems deserted. Is it the weather? The time of morning? I have no idea, but I barely waited to get my coffee. I stayed at Shannon's last night because we the two single gals were hitting up the hockey game last night (Damn those ref's! We should have won!). Hey Shannon - I like your car...

So I drove in to Hollywood from Long Beach, I got here in about an hour and thats because I opted to get off the 110 and take the 10 and then streets, this may not mean anything to anyone else but I might have extended my commute this morning by about 20 minutes and I was happy about it! Why-you may ask. Because Melissa bought herself THE DAVINCI CODE on CD and I have been hooked on that damn thing since I drove down from desert yesterday. Here is the funny thing about the cd player in the car is crap. Remember how much trouble I have with my car - on top of the oil leaks, my car cd player is rather tempermental. I have come to the conclusion that the cd player will play every other CD that I buy and absolutely no CDs that are burned, unless they burned on a Saturday and with music that is downloaded - no copied CD's...welcome to my personal hell. So after I bought my book on cd, first thing I did was try disk out. IT WORKS!! Yeah, all good. I start on my road trip the first CD already in. I get into the 2nd hour of my drive and I pop the 2nd CD in and - ERROR. WTF? I try again - ERROR. No way! So there I am driving down the 14 fiddling with this CD popping it in and out, its bad enough there are no good radio stations at this point to switch over - so I put in another music CD to hold me over until I get to the gas station and lunch spot (In and Out...yum!). I tried 3 CD's until I finally got one to work (thank you Ray Charles!). I thought that maybe the vibration from the car might be keeping the disk from catching - who knows. My car is like a girl you are trying to seduce sometimes, everything has to be perfect for it to work. Anyways, so I get lunch and gas and still no CD working. A half hour later...I get it work - WOOHOO!!! Five minutes into it, my friend calls me on my cell. Let me say that I seriously considered it going to voicemail, but we had been playing phone tag for a week. I told her my little adventure with the damn CD player and she was laughing - because of course, this stuff does happen to me. Thats why I'm happy that I was stuck in commuter hell this morning - because of the book. Damn that book is good so far. For those of you that are curious - I'm at the point where they are at the safe deposit bank.

These past few days have been rather busy. Last week, I went to dinner with Sophia and Waymond to a place called Palms Thai and they had a Thai Elvis. HOLY SHIT! It was awesome. I highly recommend it. Waymond had taken a picture of the Elvis on his phone but I have yet to see it. I'll post it eventually. Speaking of pictures - I took a picture of Marty McSorley at the hockey game last night with someone's cell phone. By someone I mean the guy who sits with two gals that I know - he has some weird Russian name but Julie tells me to just call him Puckhead - which I do, since I cant remember his name!

Jakeman Adventure of the Weekend
I went up to visit the Jakeman this weekend and this kid is a crackup. He's just plain funny. I took my car to get washed on Saturday, which worked out nicely since it was drizzling this morning. We did the drive through thing that he loves. Did I fail to mention that I had forgotten that my dad had opened the sunroof a little bit earlier that morning? Yes...the water came into the car! Luckily, because the sunroof was only popped open it wasnt as bad as it could have been. So here is my dilemma - I got water coming in, Jacob laughing and screaming, I'm laughing and screaming, I'm trying to stop the water with the only thing that can soak things up on hand - my scarf, and Jacob clammering to hit the button to close the sunroof. I'm trying to stop him because he can easily go the wrong way - which probably worked out better if he did it, because thats exactly what I did. I think I finally got it closed when they were air drying the car. When Jacob retells the story - he's happy to include the detail that "Mommy and I were screaming like little girls" No lie - thats my kid.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yes, Yes, Yes

I've been so busy. Same excuse different day. I was trying to account for my time for the past two weeks and I was shocked to realize that I had to think about what I had done.

Been catching up with friends and just trying to find some time to relax! Like tonight, I parked my ass on roomie's couch (aka my bed) and watched the hockey game (Kings won - KINGS RULE!) and now we are waiting for LOST to start.

So far, the new job is good. Like I said, very busy. I got my computer set up today - FINALLY! I've been using a temporary laptop since I started so I didn't want to set up files on the pc because I would have to move them. So since we moved, I havent had printer access, it has sucked, so I would have to email the file to the receptionist and she would print it for me. I found out that she and another guy are Guatemalan and so we have been talking about different cities in Guatemala and Pollo Campero. Pollo Campero is a fried chicken chain in Central America and its is soooooooooo gooooooooood. One of my favorite memories of traveling from Guatemala is the smell of Pollo Campero on the plane because everyone (and their mother) carrying boxes of fried chicken back to the US.

Ok- almost time for LOST. I still need to post that horrible job interview. The HR lady wanted me to call her, but I havent had time. So hopefully I'll add all that to the post.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What I Miss Most About My Last Job...

Being away from the last gig has really reinforced some thing that I knew I was going to miss. So without further adieu - THE THINGS I MISS MOST ABOUT MY LAST JOB...


Yes, I really really really miss my parking spot. Not only did I know where my car was at the end of the day (which when I got off of work one day last week, I forgot I changed streets during lunch and it took me a block and a half to realize that I was on the wrong street) but it was a good chance that I wasnt going to rack up the parking tickets. Yes, I said tickets - I'm up to two now.


I joked around a while back that no one would come to visit me and someone made a comment that if I had a candy jar that more people would probably drop by - true to get the candy, but at least they would drop by. Wasnt that the truth! To keep up with the demand - I would spend about $20 a week. The guys would pitch in on occassion and it would help out. What shocked me is how much these pilots live on peanut M&M's.


Stop laughing. Let me splain... Every morning I would have to trek up SEVERAL flights of stairs to get to the office. Now, when I first started, I would be so out of breath from the stairs that I literally needed a few minutes to regain my composure. That was one of the reasons I pushed it at the gym, so I wouldnt be so close to fainting. Ok, along the the last flight of stairs are pictures of the chain of command - Secretary of Navy, Secretary of Defense, The Dick, and Dubya. What always - ALWAYS - got me was that smirk that Dick Cheney has in the picture. Remember, this is his OFFICIAL portrait. This is the picture that is going down in the history books. So yes, I will miss the smirk.


How many times did I swoon over the flight surgeon? How many times did I actually post on this blog that I saw the man? Rockstar knows how much of a fan I was (am) of his. I needed to share and yes, I got permission to post and gush over his photo on the blog. So the flight surgeon is on the right and his clinic assistant on the left (who aint bad either). Come to think of it most of the medical guys, including the search and rescue crew were pretty easy on the eyes. Can I get an AMEN Jessica?


Ahhh - the pilots. They are indeed a breed of their own. When I say that I was warned about their attitudes, I'm not kidding. However - that warning was really not needed and they proved to be very playful and just over all great guys. I'm really going to miss my other coworkers but the pilots I will miss a lot because of the little quirks they had that proved that they were indeed in a league of their own.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Moving Bitch

Let me give you all a word of advice - if you ever move into a job right when they are moving - expect to be knows as the moving bitch. So far, thats what my job has been - just dealing with the move and dabbling with actual work responsibilities.

Someone needs to meet with the locksmith to verify all the keys work - send Melissa
Someone needs to label all the work areas for the movers - Melissa can do it
Someone needs to label all the computers so the IT people can know who they belong to - Melissa can handle that
Someone needs to shred all the confidential documents - guess who?

Don't get me wrong - its a hell of a lot better than sitting around and doing nothing (which because of the move is what I would be doing) and its been fun getting to know people by going up to them and saying "Hi, I'm Melissa - the new HR person...whats your name so I can label your computer." I've learned a lot about the people in the business but getting asked questions that I have no clue about - like if we are getting new shredders...thats been the best!!! I've been here a week and already being asked stuff like that?!?! COME ON! I dont even know the freaking phone number to the office - let alone have a phone of my own to use.

Ok - gotta get back to shredding...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BACK! Almost....

Hello my readers!

Sorry to have left you in the lurch for a while in regards to the blog. Been really busy settling into the new life. So far so good. I havent really even had time to sit down at home with the roomie and relax, mostly because of all the hockey games the Kings have been playing. We won last night against Edmonton - woohoo! I managed to get my seats upgraded so we sat about 15 rows behind the penalty box. It was sweet. Also took the Metro to the Staples center, let me say that if I can choose, I'm riding the Metro. It was way more convenient, comfortable, and cheap.

The job is moving to a new building this weekend and yesterday I had to go over there to meet up with the locksmith and get the move set up. I parked my car on the street with a meter and I'll be damned if I was 2 minutes late putting money in there - I got a ticket. Work might pay for it - its ok if they dont, it was my fault. But it was still cool for my boss to offer.

LOST is on tonight....can't wait. Thats about it. Still trying to wake up this morning. Made it to Coffee Bean this morning to get breakfast...gotta get rid of this haze from all the beer drinking from last night.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

So much for my party weekend...

So I had this whole weekend planned....

Thursday: Kings Game
Friday: Hang out with Shannon
Saturday: Quicenera
Sunday: The big move in and Kings Game

So far, I've done everything on my list with one minor exception...I'M SICK! I'm not talking about a little runny nose, oh no, I'm talking about hacking up a lung here. Last night as I was driving to my friend's house from the quicenera, I felt my body burning up. I got here and took my temperature, sure a fever. DAMMIT!! Luckily I feel better today - damn well better since I start my new job tomorrow. The funny thing is that I called Scott on Friday to wish him a Happy Birthday and I swear it sounded like I was a woman of 80 who had smoked for the majority of her life. Whenever I get sick, I tend to lose my voice, yes insert your own "Thank god!" joke here.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yeah, dont know why I entitled it countdown - just did.

Anyways, so last day at work today. Had my going away lunch at the local sushi place (yes Jessica, I know but I stuck to the sushi and didnt get sick). Went out to dinner with some friends last night and because I'm coming down with a cold - I didnt get as wasted as I thought I would have been, which is a good thing. Just a lot of running around to do today...

Don't know if I mentioned that I've been crocheting a blanket for the Jakeman. Yes, I have this old lady hobby but I like it. Its very relaxing. Anyways, I finished the main part of the blanket over the weekend and I'm just working on the border. When I first started this little project, my mom told Jacob to expect this blanket when he graduated from college - yuk yuk, Oscar is the only one who really appreciates that joke. So as soon as I finish it completely, I will post a picture. I just wanted to promote my little accomplishment on the blog.

Especially for the Rockstar
I'm involved at a caper at work. They have this annual fundraiser where the officers and chiefs can be voted on to wash a plane. $1 for one vote in addition, the officer/chief can remove a vote for $2. For example, someone bought 10 votes for me to wash a plane, I can pay $20 to wipe that off. Get it, got it, good. So one of the pilots pissed off the office managers in another building - WATCH OUT. "Caulk" got a little too cocky and the office managers in the other building raised over $300 for him to wash the plane. Mind you if he wanted out, he would have had to pay $600. So he sent out an email saying that he was going to be wearing his hawaiian shirt and swimmin in the suds. Our IT chief was in 2nd place with $134. It was awesome - they they were getting ready to wash a plane and I was a bit too mouthy that one of the guys turned the hose on me. Stinker! At least its dry enough in the desert that I dried off rather quickly.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

This was my conversation with the Jakeman on our way to preschool.

Jacob: I cant wait for school to be finished today.
Me: Why?
Jacob: Because I want to go home and wash my hair.
Me: Is it dirty already?
Jacob: No - Grandma put stuff in my hair and brushed it and I dont like it.
Me: Well we can fix it at school in the bathroom.
Jacob: But there is no brush at school. I'll just deal with it. (yes, he uses terms like that, welcome to my world)
Me: We can use our fingers and water, its no big deal.
Jacob: But mommy - it looks funny.
Me: No it doesnt, it looks cute.
Jacob: It looks funny and my friends are going to laugh at me.
Me (starting to laugh): No pumpkin, it doesnt look funny.
Jacob: It is funny - you are laughing at me!
Me: (still laughing): I'm not laughing at you - I'm laughing with you.
Jacob: But I'm not laughing.
Me: (laughing even harder)

Ok so we get to school and I'm still giggling. The teacher asks me whats so funny and I tell her about the hair. Here we go again...

Teacher: I think your hair looks good Jacob.
Jacob: It feels hard.
Teacher: But you look so handsome.
Jacob: Thank you, I think my head feels like a pineapple.
Teacher and Melissa laughing hysterically.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

One down...One to go...

The first week of my two weeks notice has come and gone. I have been really busy at work training a temp employee and busy at home doing stuff. So lets go through some highlights of this past week, not all work related.

1. Got the job, gave notice - its a highlight people!
2. Saw SERENITY - more to come in a movie review.
3. Coined my phrase of the week - "I dont give a shit"
4. Had to endure people questioning my decision to move to Los Angeles and saying things like "I would never move down there" to which I would reply with my newly coined phrase.
6. Found out about my "surprise" going away lunch. All I have to say is that if you are planning a going away thing - have someone that I normally would go to lunch with rather with someone that I rarely talk to ask me to go. Just a thought. I'm playing along, two people know I know - and I'm asking them to invite certain people that they may miss. And one of the officers who had been gone for a month makes a mention of it and I feigned not knowing - that killed him for about 5 minutes, then I told him I knew.
7. LOST - I lack patience, I dont want to wait a week to find out what happens, but I'm using self control not to read spoilers on it.
8. The AL East pennant race....
9. Saw Jennifer Garner on Jay Leno and she "accidentally" revealed the sex of her baby. I must rant a little bit about this. I'm a huge ALIAS fan - really I am. But anytime I watch her being interviewed she mentions her love for Martha Stewart - even her dog is named Marth Stewart. Can I get a little "What the..?"
10. Decided to do a special "What I'm going to miss about work" post next week.