Friday, November 28, 2008

I Want Some Nutmeg!

I just finished watching Stephen Colbert's "A Cobert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All" and I could not stop laughing! Willie Nelson as a Wise Man, Toby Keith as a hunter looking for deer with his AK-47, and Feist as an angel - all provide great back up to Stephen Colbert looking to get to his studio for his holiday special. I have to admit that John Legend as the park ranger was a great highlight. Below is his explaination, in song, as why Nutmeg is important.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year, this holiday rolls around to remind us to stop and take note of the things we are thankful for and if we are able - to say Thanks. I think something that many people (including myself) are guilty of is taking things for granted; family, friends, or health.

I'm very thankful for all I have, my friends and family have shaped me to be who I am today by cheering with me for the good and supporting me through the bad - even if it means that they smack me on the head if I'm heading down the same road of repeating a mistake.

Take a moment and realize who or what you need to say thanks to. I, for one, am thankful for many, many things - especially my family and friends and I hope they know how much they mean to me.

Happy Turkey Day!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yup, I changed the style and colors of the blog. Don't get too excited for me, Blogger makes this very easy and its only a little cutting and pasting but I will take some credit in being able to manuever through this thing faster than I would have 4 years ago.

I have to admit this does make me feel like I've gotten a haircut that I really like and haven't gotten to see the reactions of my friends so for as much as I may like it, I dont know if it actually looks good on me.

Comment below and let me know what you think. I see a couple things I might want to change but I need to sleep on it. This is too much excitement for one evening for me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of the Many Reasons Why I Don't Go Out Much

Last night I picked up Jake for a little dinner and some quality bonding time. Before dinner, we were going to go by this townhouse to check out as a possible new domicile. We arrive and its completely dark but I decide to go up to it to see if we can see inside a bit. Jake, the scaredy cat, is against it of course and tells me that I shouldn't go because "he doesn't want me to get into trouble" but you know me, I go anyways and he tags along. I try to look inside but there is some tint on the window that restricts my view. I notice there isn't any tint on the top of the window so I pick Jake up to look into the townhouse to see how it looks inside. He peers in and says "Wow it looks really nice! Its a good size and has a pretty rug." "Rug? Don't you mean carpet?" I ask. "No, the rug next to the sofa." Jake replies. Holy shit- its not the empty apartment! So I put him down and tell him to do that only thing I can think of - run back to the car. We get inside and have a good laugh about it and head to dinner.

Now Jake has become a fan of places where you cook your own food, specifically Shabu Shabu. I really don't know what the thrill is for him but he likes it and its a blast. So we end up going to Korean BBQ and check how out how that is. With Shabu Shabu, you basically get a pot of water that you boil and cook your food in and with Korean BBQ, you sit at a table with a grill and cook your food that way. Let me say that Jake about lost his shit when he saw that it was a grill he was going to be doing the cooking on. After getting our food, we sit down and I really pay attention to the other patrons in the restaurant. In the booth behind Jake there are two women eating. The one who is facing me is wearing and eye patch over her eyebrow. Yes, you read that correctly. It was like she moved it to read something and never put it back. I found it terribly distracting and really wished that I had my camera to "take a fake picture of Jake but really take a picture of the weird person behind him" so I could share it but it was not to be. Now, behind me was a couple watching some basketball game and well, I dont know how to put this...they looked and acted like they were having some affair because everytime I looked over at them they were making out. And not even "a little kissy face" making out, I'm talking "tongue down each other's throat" making out - which prompted me to believe that the show Cheaters was going to walk through the front door at any time.

After going to Toys R Us, so Jake could redeem a gift card he received for his birthday, I dropped him off at his dad's for the night and headed home. If you look at the handy map below, purple is the route I usually take and red is the route I had to take due to some freeway construction.

I can roll with the punches of detours and pride myself on having a great sense of direction but for some reason all that failed on this trip home.

I was following some cars and a lot of cars started to turn left and so I assumed that they were going that way to get on the 710, which is where I needed to go. I made a mental note and followed the signs for the detour. I get to a major street and decided that I had had enough of the street driving and opted to get on the freeway. So I make a left and I drive...and drive...and I'm wondering 1) Where is the freeway and 2) Where the hell am I.

I look up in one of the intersections to get the street name and have two thoughts rather simutaneously 1) Holy Shit-I'm in Compton! and 2) My, Compton is not at all what I thought it would look like, because I was near a strip mall and I guess City Hall. When I got the Metro Blue Line, I figured that the best thing for me was to turn my ass around and get back on the street I was on and follow the signs to the 105. And thats exactly what I did.

As I was driving, I kind of laughed at myself for the 2nd reaction to being in Compton and thought how upsetting it must be to always get categorized as this haven for gang bangers and crime. Driving up Long Beach Blvd, I see a helicopter with a spotlight flying around. I notice that its coming towards me and getting lower. I finally get up to the area where its searching and see not one or two police cars but five cars blocking five different streets as a perimeter for the search. Always speaking too soon I guess.

Mars vs Venus

Plug a Wii into a monitor mounted to the wall on a wall mount.

How to plug in the AV cables when the there isn't even enough room to see where the cables go.

Man's Solution:
Go online to find the specifications of the monitor, print them out and use them as a guide to find the plugs with his fingers and plug in the cables. Time invested: 45 minutes

Woman's Solution:
Borrow a compact from a co-worker to place behind the monitor and plug in the cables. Time invested: 3 minutes

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They're The Dancers!

I don't even know how to start this post because it can be told from so many angles! Chronological always works, so here goes.

Earlier this week, my coworker told me about this SNL skit that Justin Timberlake did with Beyonce about her video for her song "Single Ladies" and how she couldn't get the song out of her head. Sometime over the past year, I have completely fallen off the radar when it comes to popular music. It took me 4 months to get around to actually listening to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". So when she was saying that she couldn't get the tune out of her head, I really couldn't sympathize.

Last night, I went on a website and found a link to this video that has some guy thats famous on the net for doing something and some how ended up on the Bonnie Hunt show. I found it to be hilarious. I decided to search the net for the JT skit and only found this little mashup and nothing else. Sure it was kind of a teaser but I wanted to see the whole thing! I kind of gave up on the search and hoped that NBC would eventually post it on their site.

Tonight I get home and find a link to another video that parodies Beyonce's song. This link is to "Single Ladies (Big Girl Remix)" Its even more fabulous than what you think it might be. I didnt think my night could get better until...

I feel like I found the Holy Grail!!!

Update: Yes, apparently someone took the video down. DAMN!

Harry vs Chandler

I was channel surfing and came across a Friend's episode where Phoebe has her brother's triplets and then Joey ends up trying to pass some kidney stones.

Even though I had seen this episode before, something about it was rather familiar and then I remembered! There was an episode of Night Court where Mac's wife goes into labor and he ends up in the hospital with appendicitis at the same time.

This little flashback wouldn't have been possible without last week's episode of 30 Rock. Thank you Tina Fey!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning the Rules of the Street

Last week, close to the end of my workday, my co-worker calls me that she has a flat tire down the street and if I could go help her. She was within walking distance and I started to head over there. As soon as I turn the corner, I find myself looking at this:

First, it was something I had no expectation of seeing - at all. She asked me to come help her with the tire so I had assumed she would be waiting for me and well, we are in Hollywood. People help one another in Hollywood? So I go up to her and ask if she's ok and she gives me this look that she is fine but that I wasn't allowed to leave her. So I stayed.

This guy starts talking to us and I offer to help him get the car up with the jack because he is having trouble turning it. He waves me off and starts huffing and puffing yet again. I had noticed that he had a big duffle bag next to him in the street and figured that he was homeless. Immediately wondered if I had any cash to give him in case Denise didn't. I had $2.

After a while, the man asks if I could help him get the jack going because he was getting tired. Now this jack is one of those annoying jacks that the bar has a pivot in the middle because you can only go from one side to the other and then switch the bar back to do it again. What was worse was that we weren't level with the car or the jack, we were sitting on the curb. So bent over and trying to turn that bar was not the most comfortable thing to be doing.

As we are tag teaming the jack, people keep coming up to us and asking us if we need help. The guy (and yes I will continue to refer to him as The Guy because we never got his name) kept waving them off with thanks. We finally get the tire off and are having trouble getting the spare on when I smell the distinct odor of the mary jane. Its was like a cloud just arrived over our heads. We turn and there is this guy hovering over us asking if we need help. The Guy (our guy) turns and basically lashes out at Mr. Mary Jane. Saying "I know you, dont think I dont remember what happened yesterday, I saw you following her!" Mr. Mary Jane looks at him and says, "Dude I'm just trying to help" and The Guy yells back "We dont want you here! Go away!" Um, yeah it was freaky weird.

At that moment, Denise and I probably had the exact same thought. "Were we this homeless man's property?" And then I wondered how fast I could bring this car down after we tightened the lugnuts on the spare that we still had to get on. He told us that the day before he had seen Mr. Mary Jane following some woman and he followed them to make sure that she got to wherever she was going safely. At that point, Denise got down on the curb and in one shot got the spare on. No lie.

After The Guy tightens the lugnuts, he asked if I could get the car down. Yes, I realize that I'm doing half the work that this guy is going to claim the win on. So I'm bringing the car down and he asks Denise if she's my mom. Now, Denise is 3 years older than I am and earlier that day we got confused for sisters (its the curly hair and glasses). We had joked that we should create some elaborate story that we were long lost relatives or something - so this came with an extra shock. We had a good chuckle as I double timed the bringing down of the car, of course he flies in at the last minute to "wrap it up". He gets up and we thank him for the help. He says that he was happy to do so since God had asked him to help. Denise hands him $5 and apologizes for not having any more. He thanks us once again and turns to leave. I turn to Denise and ask her for a ride back to the office and we couldnt stop laughing all the way back to the office.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Not only has election day come and gone but that also means that my little pumpkin's birthday has arrived. Today - the Jakeman turns 7. Watching your child's birthday arrive is a very bittersweet moment at times. On the one hand, you are watching child grow into the person they are meant to be and you are there nurturing, guiding, and beaming with pride. On the other, they are turning into the person they are and the sarcasm comes out when you sing happy birthday to them and they say "Thanks mom, but you know you are never going to be on American Idol right?"

Thanks kid - you done make me proud!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Si Se Puede!

Sen. Barack Obama has won the Presidency of the United States of America!

I cannot tell you how proud and overwhelmed I am to be an American citizen on this day. I always hoped that I would be able to see the day that a minority would hold the office of the President.

If you didn't believe in the change and the hope this man offers, please watch the video of his speech in Chicago after they have announced him as the winner. I felt as if I was a part of that crowd and I was saying "YES WE CAN!"

History In The Making!

I hope you voted and I hope you are glued to your tv or internet watching the returns.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I swear, for the first minute of this trailer I thought this was a new movie coming out. Nope its a video game.

One More Push

Tomorrow is Election Day!

History will happen tomorrow - either the first African-American man will be elected as the President or a women will be elected as Vice-President. If you believe in superstitions - Obama will win because the Redskins lost tonight.

I was telling my friend that I was thinking about having an Election party to watch the returns and she said "oh like an Oscar party?". Well duh! We have our own ballots to mark off the winner and have little American flags to wave - doesnt that sound like a kick ass party? I, for one, will be getting some chinese food and watching the returns until I'm about to pass out from exhaustion or excitement. I realize that we will probably have to wait a few days to get the official winner but its still great to sit back and watch it all unfold in front of you.

If you are a registered voter, please go out and have your voice heard! As for mine, I'll be voting for Obama and No on 8.