Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What is the world coming to?

DEEP THROAT is revealed?

Paris engaged to Paris?

Monks brawling in the street?

What? Universal's not on the list?

Ahhh Bush....

You know what....this is pretty interesting.

Alrighty then!

The talk of the office this morning is Danica Patrick - the IRL driver that made it exciting for people to watch the Indy 500 this Memorial Day weekend. Now, I have to admit that I have become a huge race fan over the past 5 years. I prefer Indy Racing to NASCAR but I have my favorite drivers in both that I cheer for and obviously hate other ones, just because. Anyways - because IRL isnt as popular as NASCAR its funny to hear people talk about it as if they have been fans for years - I mean its great that Danica Patrick brought all this attention to the sport but it annoys me that sometimes people talk out of their ass and jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, Bandwagons....tack that onto my infamous pet peeve list. Oh yeah...I have a list. Most of which my friends are aware of because I proudly declare "PET PEEVE" when someone is in violation of them.

Only three days of work because Friday is our regular day off. I really should have taken these three days off and had a mini vacation (3 days of leave for 9 glorious days off). I could have gone to LA and done some serious partying! Oh well, there are a few more chances to do that - the week of Labor Day, the days before Thanksgiving, and the last week of December.

Its 840am and I'm already ready for lunch....

Monday, May 30, 2005

The looong weekend

So lets see....

Friday night: went to a retirement party for one of the commanders - it was fun but I didnt stay long.

Saturday: went to Vegas to visit my brother. My aunt and cousins went too...WOOHOO! I miss the bbq's we used to have long ago. Even though I live with my parents, I still only get the carne asada when we go visit my brother. DAMN HIM! My mother still showing that favoritism...

Sunday: drove back from Vegas.

Monday: Went to a bbq for a bit then came home and cleaned and watched a Law and Order marathon. And then...I remembered that I had a copy of the Muppets' Wizard of Oz movie. I dont know if you guys know this about me, but I love the Muppets. My favorite all time character is Pepe the King Prawn. Oh damn he's hysterical.

Ok, back to playing Literati with Juan...he's kicking my ass and thats probably because I'm not paying enough attention to the game.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Flippin's Sweet!

I love Napoleon Dynamite - his new tutorial on how to dance is so educational!


Holy shit its been a long week. We get every other Friday off and I swear it feels like I havent worked 5 whole days in about a month. But I'm sure I have...haven't I? Anyways - last night the week caught up with me and I crashed at about 9pm or so. I blew the gym off and went on a mission to buy Seinfeld Season 4, had Weinerschnitzel for dinner (mmm, chili dogs-I swear these chili dogs rank right up there with pizza and sushi as my favorite foods), and then went home. And thats when the fun started. Jacob is really starting to respond to following rules to games- so I taught him how to play Duck Duck Goose (with action figures and stuffed animals, we are so sad) and Freeze tag. Now this is a game he got into. I had to get frozen after I pretended to slip and fall on the bed or floor so I could get some rest. Gave him a bath - then I laid down to watch the food network with him and saw this cool show about a BBQ competition. I'm so down with going to this thing next year or whenever. The recipes they talked about made me want to run out and buy a grill and start grillin'. And darn it - I don't know who won because I fell asleep. Went to Starbucks this morning, because like I said, its going to be a looooong day. Have a nice weekend!

On a side note - OMG it really does cause blindness!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Jiminy Christmas!

LOST was good (not great). I love Hurley- had the best line of the night “He just exploded, right in front of us”. So they answered some questions – the creepy kid Walt got kidnapped (I totally called it) by the “others” – who have a working boat and look like pirates. They shot Sawyer and the Korean guy jumped in after him – then they blew up the raft. Found out that if you have a deep gash – open a bullet, dump the gunpowder on it, then light it on fire to close it. That’s something I never learned in Girl Scouts. I hope Charlie doesn’t start up on the heroin they found on the island…oh please oh please oh please. They opened the hatch and there were stairs and broke off about 2 yards down. I still have no idea what all that could be. Locke is seriously an ass. Hurley was trying to warn about opening the hatch because he saw the numbers and Locke just lit the fuse anyways. That man is possessed! Like I said – good, but not great.

ALIAS – what are they thinking leaving us with the cliffhanger they did? Sydney gets engaged to Vaughn. Irina (Syd’s mom) gets all uppity with Vaughn about being honest about who he is. Sloane shoots his own daughter – Nadia. Syd saves the world. Sydney and Vaughn are driving to Santa Barbara and he tells her that there is something that she needs to know if they are going to get married.

Syd: As long as you don’t tell me you are a bad guy
Vaughn: Well that depends on who you ask
Syd: What?
Vaughn: Well it wasn’t an accident that you came to me at the CIA when you came to talk about SD6.
Syd: What do you mean Vaughn?
Vaughn: And my name isn’t Michael Vaughn

Insert car crash here….

So I’m thinking the car crash wasn’t an accident (because they never are) and who the hell is he then? Poor Sydney – so much therapy, so little time.

As I wrote to Shannon this morning in an email - ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


BBQ was good - lots of fun. I was full from the breakfast burrito this morning and by the time I got to the chicken, I just couldnt go on....I found out that my buddy is going to school in England for her Masters in Event Management. So I didnt even know they offered that degree, something to look into. But I still want to go to USC - I'll be a true Trojan one way or another.

Work is rather quiet....so I'm having random thoughts....

- Orlando Bloom is rather handsome.
- I really hate the song CLOCKS by Coldplay, I dont know why...I just do.
- I cant wait for LOST season finale tonight - like I'm going to make popcorn and turn off the lights to watch it excited.
- I need to make a decision about something and I keep thinking about the pros and cons and the solution is not something I want to do - but its what might be best. Just frustrates me that I'm thinking about it. Sucks having expectations of life and things not turning out the way you thought they would. Oh well, we hope for the best and try...
- I need to buy more skirts and summer tops, I have way too many long sleeve tops that sure came in handy during winter, but now are a bit useless. Unless, of course, I find myself in the Southern Hemisphere in the next few months.


I need to start actually doing work if seeing if an update works on blogger is keeping me entertained until the bbq starts.

Oh yeah, Scott you better be kidding!

Just curious...

I'm testing something - as always, bear with me....

Thanks Carol

Carol sent me this link last night....I cant help but post it. Ladies...we should be so lucky as to find a man like this...

Orlando in full bloom

So last night was our double movie feature night at the theater. They did a Thank You to the Warfighter and sold tickets for the event for $10 - they closed the theater to the public for this. The first round of movies started either at 545 or 600 - I went with Jacob to go see Kicking and Screaming and my parents went to go see Kingdom of Heaven. We met up during the "intermission" where we were served Pizza and Ice Cream (I also didnt mention the free popcorn and soda coupons we received). So Jacob only liked Kicking and Screaming during the soccer scenes, which really was the only decent part. I love Will Farrell but he's not as good as he was in ELF or Anchorman - this movie was just weak. Rental people....Rental. Found my parents and Jacob wanted to go with them, so then I ran into some friends at the bar at the end of the strip mall - because my friend absolutely needed a drink after watching Kicking and Screaming...so this begins the traumatizing portion of my evening. I walk in and see my friend Ellie sitting with her husband Shane. So I go sit with them and catch up a bit. She has this smirk on her face...and is motioning me to look over at the pool table. OH DEAR GOD! This woman is wearing a bra, bicycle shorts, white ruffle socks with white platform shoes with (not kidding) 6 inch heels. And the best part - she's about 45 yrs old. And not the "Wow, she looks great for 45" Oohh nooo - the "Why didnt your husband/boyfriend/significant other tell you that you look so not right?" Well my friends, thats because we havent seen how the boyfriend is dressed. HOLY FRENCH FRIES, BATMAN! The boyfriend is wearing a sleeveless shirt, white tights (and you can tell he is wearing a thong-no lie, it was hot pink), and brown cowboy boots. Never in my life, did I want to gauge my own eyes out. So my friend comes and sits down with us after his shot and is a bit oblivious. Then when I point it out to him, he's like - oh yeah they are in here all the time (LUSH!) and that during the hot summer nights, the guy goes down to a leopard thong only (insert gag reflex here). So I told my boss this morning and apparently, they own the Silver Dollar saloon up in Johannesberg which is a very popular spot for bikers. I'm not getting into all the other things I found out about this couple. I'm stopping before I have to relive the trauma.

So the four of us went to go see Kingdom of Heaven. Orlando....soooo yummy. I sighed heavily (to piss Shane off) when Orlando didnt have his shirt on and Shane moaned very loudly back. Ellie and I were laughing so hard. Anyways, the movie was really good...really enjoyed it...I'd pay full price just to oogle at the Bloom.

Got home rather late, turns out Jacob didnt want to stay for the second movie so my parents took him home. I got online and played Literati with my friend Juan. I was so money last night - I pulled ahead rather early in the game and ended up kicking his butt. I always have fun chatting with him, we knew each other way back when and got back in touch last year. I spoiled him a bit while he was in Iraq and now he's back. I like our Literati matches - we are both rather competitive and stubborn so it gets fun. I wonder how it would be if we actually played Scrabble - we'd each have our own dictionaries and challenge the hell out of one another...oh and side bets. Didnt go to bed into 1am. Believe it or not, I'm not really all that tired.

Today is a Teammate Appreciation BBQ here at the Hanger. I cant wait -yummm bbq.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Almost forgot...

So at the gym we have a variety of televisions to watch during our workouts and they put different shows on. The one show that is always on is The O'Reilly Factor. This guy is as bad as Dr. Laura. I have to read the closed captions to keep up with the show and last night they had this lady that works at the magazine Ad Week talking about Paris Hilton's new Carl's Jr ad. Oh, Paris Hilton. Let me say that there are a few people in this world that I think are truly overrated - she is sooo one of them. She looks like a giant anorexic chihuahua. Where else but in our society can we reward someone for flaunting her bony frame with pieces of cloth strategically placed, for glamorizing being a ditz (thanks to Jessica Simpson for this one too), and milking the inheritance that her parents created. It has spoiled brat written all over it. I cant believe that Carl's Jr stooped that low, gives me another reason not to eat there...even though I love their Famous Stars (with cheese, no pickles, no onions, no tomatoes). So he invites this lady to talk about it and she starts saying how it was a great marketing ploy because you are paying her to do exactly what she's good ad - being suggestive, because, after all, that is her skill set. O'Reilly (from what the captions showed) said that it was too sexy - blah blah blah....my eyes glazed over I was so uninterested in what the man had to say. So at the end of the segment - without actually saying Shut up...thats what he told the lady. She shot back and said that she only goes on those tv shows for the free publicity...good for her! Anyways - Paris Hilton....so not a fan.

Also watched Elimidate...now these dating shows are like train wrecks. If you dont know the premise, they pick a single (guy or girl) and set them up with 4 people. Then they all go out on a date and the single has to eliminate the people througout the night and end up with one. They should just put porn music to accompany this show- seriously. This guy and three girls went to a club and two of the girls took turns kissing the guy on the dance floor. Then they went to sit down. He asked one of the girls (who he had kissed) what kind of guy she was looking for. She said "Funny, sensitive, someone who can take care of me, and someone who is a good kisser" then she pulls him in and starts making out with him with the two girls on the couch looking on in shock - BOOM CHIKI BOW WOW!!! It was so funny! I need to start watching these shows again. I used to watch Blind Date religiously - then one day I saw an old coworker of mine on there and he went down in flames...I mean BAD! She's like "Go Away" and he kept saying "Come on, you know you want me - please". He kept trying to kiss her and she kept dodging and he just wouldnt get the hint! I was embarassed for him and he made the hall of shame.

A quiet evening...or so we thought!

Hit the gym afterwork - pretty good workout. Went home and had leftovers for dinner, very healthy. Ended up playing with Jacob most of the night. We were watching Emeril (since Jacob loves to watch the Food Network) and he made this giant tortilla thing with cheese and strawberries. It looked really good, I'm going to have to get the recipe and try it.

So I was trying to read The Cat in the Hat to Jacob and he got such a terrible case of the giggles...I couldnt get past the first page without him cracking up. 20 minutes later....he's still laughing. We finally get through the book and I start on the The Little Engine that Could...Yeah, I stopped 4 pages in, he wouldnt stop laughing. I'm sure it didnt help that I was doing voices and changing the words around on him BUT STILL!!! So I started to doze off and ended up getting up and getting on the net to check some stuff out for my mom. My friend Joel in Italy was online so we were chatting a bit then my friend calls me and tells me that she thinks she's called off her wedding. I hate being far away when my friends need me or I need them. I hated that phone call - made me feel helpless. All I could do is to tell her that things will be ok and listen to her cry. So talked to Carol for a while and then finally went to bed - didnt really do any of the stuff my mom wanted me to do, oh well.

This morning is shaping up to be rather busy so I better get crackin'!

Monday, May 23, 2005


Someone is requesting an update....

We broke 1K on the blogger counter...YEAH!

I had Thai food for lunch today, very yummy but they didnt have my favorite - pan fried thai noodles.

There is a double movie feature tomorrow night and someone gave me an extra ticket for free - damn I'm cute.

Its about 96 outside and like 65 inside...Its freaking freezing Mr. Bigglesworth.

Carol has a midterm today - good luck to her.

I'm going to the gym tonight...I hope I brought an extra battery for my MP3, its on its last legs. I cant have it going out in the middle of NIN or Sublime.

I think I know who this person is that requested the update (and what they wanted along with it), but until I have confirmation (due to the anonymous post)- this is all I'm typing. I can be reached via email or cell phone. When your identity is indeed confirmed, you will get the proper update.


Joel freaking rocks! I will now be immortal in Wisconsin.

I dont know how many people are probably rolling their eyes right about now.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The weekend...

I took the Jakeman to the Renaissance fair on Saturday. Damn it was hot...and I mean H-O-T! We finally get there and walked around. Saw the Queen's Joust which was funny - we had the evil French knight who would tell us he loved us (to which we replied "We luv youu tooo!) and would ask us to moon the people across the way. One guy took that literally and jumped up front and dropped his pants. Way too funny. So we walked around some more - found a section where kids could ride ponies. That was Jacob's whole purpose to go to this thing - the pony ride. So he got to ride twice. We walked around and that same area the pony ride was - there were games that kids could win tokens and the tokens could be exchanged for prizes a la Chuck E Cheese's. So when we were watching the turtle races - Jacob got his eye on a fetching metal sword. So after playing a few more games we were ready to redeem our tokens. We were 80 short of getting the sword - to which my child said "Well we can just play more games to get more tokens!" $10 later, Jacob got his sword. So besides that he was totally enthralled with Sand Casting with apparently has something to do with Bronzing - since Jacob was paying attention to the demonstration, he can probably explain it better than I can.

So funniest thing of the weekend - As we were walking out in the 90 some odd degree weather, Jacob start throwing a fit about wanting to go home. Mind you, we had been at this thing for most of the HOT afternoon and so we started to head to the car - as fast as humanly possible. Jacob started up even louder - "Mommy, I want to go home!" I kept trying to tell him that first we needed to get to the car before we could do anything. So we are walking through the dirt parking lot to the massive wall of rocks because my car was somewhere over there. Jacob just kept screaming - like those annoying kids in the supermarket screaming. I couldnt take it - it was reaching the boiling point of him not stopping. I was holding the whole spanking thing back because I knew he wasnt being bad, he was just in a bad mood. I did the only mature parent thing I could think of doing. I poured water from the water bottle on his head and told him to relax. He stood there in a state of pure shock...I was kind of shocked myself. So we kept walking in a sort of solemn silence that could only be explained by confusion. So we get to the car and he says, "Mommy, I'm sorry I got mad." I told him it was fine and that sometimes we just need to take a breath and relax. And says "You're right - I need to relax" and proceeds to dump water on his head. Oh..I laughed so hard.

Saturday night went to my friend's house and then went to Universal today. Rode The Mummy Ride - for the first time. Now, I'm not a roller coaster person, so I was pretty tense the whole time. The ride was pretty short, thank god.

DH and Grey's Anatomy was sooo good! That is all...

Friday, May 20, 2005

ooohhh it so rocked!

I highly recommend paying full price, matinee, or first born (well maybe not first born) to see Star Wars 3. It rocked harder than a bed in a cheap motel on prom night. The movie (story wise) started out a bit slow but when Anakin steps over the dark side - watch out! As it turns out, Darth Vader is not very nice.

Got my manicure and pedicure and convinced a male friend to have a manicure. I wont name names because he's afraid his masculinity will be questioned but I know he loved it. He claimed to be in estrogen heaven and testoterone hell. But you know what - he was a sport. And he loved the hot asian chick rubbing his hands.

So tomorrow Jacob and I are off to the Renassiance Faire in Pomona and then I'm hitting up the Getty on Sunday.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Again with Guatemala

So I'm sure Shannon noticed that they saved Syd's mom from Tikal, Guatemala. We are getting so popular!!! I actually went to Tikal when I was about 12 years old. My dad and I climbed all of the ruins - but the one I remember the most (and my brother will agree with me) was the one that we climbed with the ladders tied to the trees (NOT KIDDING). Two things were hysterical about that...1) my mom complaining the whole way up and 2) the video camera running the whole time we were climbing. Oh it was great. My dad with the action videos - I wonder if he still has them somewhere.

So LOST rocked as usual....ALIAS was freaking awesome. I was glued to the tv screen.

I lost another pound...yeah me!

I've been working on this appreciation luncheon all week and today was the luncheon. Thank god because I was getting a major headache from it not to mention my computer at work was acting up and I nearly asked one of the pilots to take it on a flight and drop it somewhere.

Friday I have off and plan to get a manicure and pedicure and going to go see Star Wars. I'm dragging a friend along who isnt very much into Star Wars so it will be fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Good Ole Tuesday Night

Since Tuesdays were usually preoccupied with bowling adventures - I have to find something to do now on those nights. I dont even have The Amazing Race to keep me company. I went to the gym after work and had a nice little work out. Did I tell you that I lost 5lbs? Ok, so that doesnt sound like much at all but I'm not on any sort of diet- unless you count me eating anything I want as a diet. Those whole 5lbs are from pure exercise. I'm so proud of myself. So I'm celebrating with a cheese danish and vanilla latte from Starbucks - yeah me! So I went home and got online for a bit and after dinner took a shower. Ok - so by like 830pm, I was done. I literally laid in bed in my bathrobe until I put my pajamas on at 1030pm. Brian had taken Jacob to Lancaster to the Golf and Stuff so it was really quiet in the house. Jacob (the party animal) came back at about 130am. My dad had stayed up to wait for him since he was up with his new obessession of downloading music and burning cd's.

So, Star Wars comes out tomorrow. I'm going to go watch it on Friday afternoon. I'm going to go get a pedicure and a manicure in the morning and then I'm just going to go the the matinee showing. Yes Scott, I know you have your tickets already and you know what? If they were having midnight showings of it here, I would totally go, but I live in hell and it aint gonna happen. Besides, I'll be happy to spend $5 for the movie...means I'm saving to buy Seinfeld Season 4.

Alright...time to start work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Guatemalaness

Survior's next installment will be in Mayan ruins of Guatemala. Thanks to Shannon for pointing this out. Those damn Americans are going to desecrate my heritage! Oh well - nothing some good marketing and bribes won't take care of. I'm actually going to have to watch to see what happens. I'm becoming a reality show whore....

Where does the time go?

So I could have stopped surfing the net at some point yesterday and posted to the blog but always found myself actually doing work when it came to my blog time. So here are some highlights of the past few days.

Got another update from Joel in Italy. The journal of his trip is so entertanining. If you find yourself with not much to do and want to read someone who adores the idea of controlled stream of consciousness with a wacky sense of humor - I suggest this as a good read. I emailed him and asked him to bring me a rosary from Rome. I'm excited - I'm actually requesting a specific souvenier. Usually I tell someone to bring me the tackiest thing they can find, which needless to day shows their taste. I've gotten some great souveniers that way. Carol still wins with this loud Toys R Us cup from New York - it even has my name on it.

My boss got a promotion late yesterday - he made Captain. I'm so happy for him. Too bad he doesnt read my blog to read that. Maybe I'll send him the link to show that I put him in here. Wait...now he's reading this....CONGRATS SIR! Uh, sure I'm working.

Went to they gym last night and I did that elliptical machine again. You know how you are used to one machine and even though its the same type of machine its not exactly the same one - it throws you off? Well that happened and it threw me off. It sucked. Also I realized that Mondays are like major religious holidays. The people who sin over the weekend try to repent on Mondays. The gym is so packed on Mondays and its only Mondays. The rest of the week its back to normal. Just an observation.

I've decided I'm going to compete with Ryan for cooking status. He made a cocky little remark yesterday about how good his cooking is and its on! Just wanted to share. Problem is that he's been doing it for so long he just knows a lot more than I do. Actually I just want him to make more chili. I'm not kidding, its that freaking good. Carol and Hope are supposed to come up at some point, I'm going to ask very nicely that he makes some for when they get here so they can understand why I'm raving so much about it.

Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy rock - thats my new Sunday night. I'm back to watching a lot of TV. Not good. I had gotten out of that habit but noooo they had to come out with quality shows. Bastards.

On a complete WTF side note: I was watching VH1 and MTV this weekend catcing up on the new music since we have real radio stations up here and they kept showing Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl...ok...what is up with the little Japanese brothel that follows her around? I saw these same girls in Rich Girl and now they pop up in Hollaback Girl. They are like her little entourage, its funny! Maybe thats a new accessory that is going to be big over the summer. Screw Couch purses.

Alright since my boss might have actually read this - I need to get back to work.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Nice quiet weekend...

So far its been a quiet weekend. My cousin had her confirmation yesterday and my parents took Jacob down there. I stayed up here to handle some bidness.

Got an email from my friend Joel - he is blogging his trip to Italy. I love Joel - he is cut from the same Alias/South Park lovin cloth as I am. You know how you have friends that like only certain things you like - like I have my sports fans friends or friends like that same tv shows, Joel and I can talk about anything and everything. He's hellacool and I cant stop talking about him at times. One of the things I hate about living up here is that fact that I miss being able to hang out more with some friends - Joel is one of them. Anyways, enough raving about the guy, its not like he's reading my blog to hear it. Here is the link.

Ryan made some chili and I swiped some from him for lunch yesterday. Damn it was good. I even told him it was surprisingly good. Bastard knows he's a good cook so that wont work for him. It was so good, I need to get some more to give to my dad. I think he was making another batch today. Jacob and I need to go visit the tomato plant anyways - we'll go push his buttons to give us the chili! I mentioned to him about putting corn in it and he was shocked to hear that people put corn in chili. Maybe its a southwestern thing - he's from Pennsylvania.

Ok, Jacob just woke up. Time for breakfast. I'll probably be posting the Atlanta adventures later today. I'll need to consult with Carol about some details so some editing may happen. Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Surprisingly Good

So yesterday I went shopping to get an ergonomic keyboard and a new chair. I love my new chair for work...its so comfy. So comfy on a warm day the risk of me falling asleep in it is rather high. It took two people an hour to install my keyboard this morning. It was so funny.

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDNT WATCH AMAZING RACE So last night was the last episode of the Amazing Race. I was talking to someone about it this morning and he was saying how Romber should have won because they got on the plane and the airline let Uchenna and Joyce on at the very last minute (probably with some help from AR producers). I say so what. Romber couldnt figure out that the name of the cigar shop was in Spanish in Little Cuba and in the end - would Romber figure out a way to pay the cab driver or just run in to win the money? I say good for Uchenna and Joyce, congrats to them. And how they are going to use the money to get invetro and if that doesnt work to adopt and give their child a good home...awwww. See the reality show whores dont need it. Ok - I'm done ranting about that.

Scott and the Ang are going to Napa and riding a hot air balloon. Let me say first of all, hope you guys have a good trip. Second - going on a hot air balloon is right up there for me on things I would like to do. I'm a tad jealous. I'm on this trip to do things I've been wanting to do - my next thing is to go tandem jumping. Gotta plan that trip.

On a side note - remember my Chicken Parmasen dinner that I made? I had given some to someone who is quite a good chef and he said it was surprisingly good. SURPRISINGLY GOOD! I was a bit shocked you know? That my level of cooking ability was questioned! Actually I'm not really all that surprised he said that but it was funny. Still a great compliment especially coming from him since he's Italian and lives in the kitchen. He also made me laugh the hardest I have laughed since Iliana mentioned "black people food" in Georgia (oh yes, I'll explain that later) when I asked him about a scar he has on his chin.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So today is my dad's birthday. This serves as my reminder to my brother to call and wish him a happy day.

Went to the gym yesterday and kind of took it easy since I'm still kind of sick. Its not really good to be on the elliptical machine and coughing, but I did pretty well. Only did 25 minutes on the darn thing and the rest of my workout, I just cut out the extra 20 minutes of cardio I would usually do after my strength training. Went home and basically relaxed. Chatted with my cousins in Yuma, Carol, and Hopita. Always a good time.

Now, I know that I've mentioned that my son is one of the biggest drama kings I have ever known. Yesterday he scratched his knee and for the rest of the day, he needed help walking. Not kidding. We think its hysterical but my mom encourages it by playing along so he thinks its ok. I just tell him to get over it - actually he will get over it as soon as the band-aid comes off. Its just so funny to see him ask for help to walk across the room and then when he walks, he walks on his tip-toes. For those of you that know my child rather well, can guess how much he actually is milking this.

On a side note - we have a year to move to Brazil and hope that Orlando Bloom is available to fulfill the responsibilities of a new holiday.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oh geez

How ghetto does this sound...HOME SWEET HOME!


Jacob called and said he used the Big Boy Potty all by himself. I'm so proud!

Almost back to 100% - kind of at 92.3%

So I'm feeling so much better. Nothing a lot of louging around and drinking lots of water wont cure -right? So, had a pretty good weekend, considering.

I took Jacob to the doctor on Friday and the pediatrician thinks that either he had allergies, a cold, and then another cold - or had a sinus infection the whole time. So she's treating him for the sinus infection and let me say that the antibiotics has helped his cough so much. While we were there, we were talking about his immunizations and how he was a wee bit behind - she said he could get caught up right then and there and let me say - I hate being a parent at times. And while I was holding him down while he was getting his shots in his poor little thighs was one of them. His face went from nervous joy to sheer pain and horror in like 2 seconds. I explained what was going to happen and how it was going to hurt, but I'm sure he didnt believe me - because why would his mother do that to him? Poor little guy, but I was so proud of him - after he was done, he wiped his tears away and limped to the car. Dont get me wrong - he's still a ham and showed ANYONE that would listen that he got his shots but still he did way better than I ever thought he would.

I got inspired and made dinner Saturday night. Chicken Parmasen and Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil was on the menu. Damn it was good. I even made the marinara sauce from scratch. I bought cans of whole tomatoes and Jacob's job was to squeeze them and break them up. Never...EVER let a 3 year old do that with out properly explaining that they need to keep the tomatoes IN THE BOWL. I was covered in tomato seeds and juice and last night, my mom found tomato remnants on the back door. But he had so much fun cooking.

Other than that, my weekend consisted of me laying in my bed and being rather unproductive. I'm starting back at the gym today - I havent been for two whole weeks - first because of the trip prep and actual trip and then because I was sick. I was reading this article on health and fitness and looked at the chart on healthy weight and where they draw the lines for overweight - I'M CONSIDERED MODERATELY OVERWEIGHT! Let me tell you - I was rather peeved. No matter how hard I try I dont lose weight, I tone up. And for this freaking chart to tell me that I need to lose about 20lbs to be considered a healthy weight, is rather frustrating. So I'm going to to talk to the personal trainer at the gym and get a new game plan. I've been doing what he suggested about 9 months ago and yes I've toned up but havent really gotten the results I had hoped for. Time for plan b! But I swear I'm not going on some crazy diet - thats where I draw the line...I love my carbs. I'll adjust but wont cut things out completely.

Ok - so I plan to slowly plug away at some of the details of the trip. Take care y'all!

Friday, May 06, 2005

This sucks

I'm sick - at least I'm getting a little better, but I'm still coughing and thats what sucks the most. Jacob has a worse cough than I do and so he has an appointment at the pediatrician's office this afternoon. I've taken him twice already but first it was allergies, then it was allergies and a cold, and today its just this horrible cough! I've gotten over the counter medication and nothing seems to help - he's up at weird hours hacking up a storm. Last night we were up watching Iron Chef at 3am. I actually stayed up an extra 30 minutes to find out who won. And its not like the food looked absolutely delicious - some of the dishes looked rather yucky, but to watch these chefs be so creative, was amazing. Mind you it was 3am and I was a bit dilusional because of the lack of sleep.

Thanks to Scott for my Mother's Day wish....what a doll.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bleh again...

Still sick - but at least today I'm at work. I hope to make it all day but looks like I might be heading home early. Lunch didnt really help my situation, even though I was STARVING!

On a side note - who would ever think that THIS was a good idea?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I'm sick - Atlanta got me sick...I'm blaming Georgia. I came home early from work. My aunt had eye surgery this morning and came through just fine. Although now she's wearing one of those metal eye patches, so I was mocking her and asking her if she got a parrot too. She laughed. Ok, going back to bed - I feel like crap.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ok, back from Atlanta - had a great time, wedding was wonderful. I'm too tired to really type out a post with all the details so that will come later.

But here some highlights:
1) Iliana talking about "BLACK FOOD"
2) Some guys in the hotel always running into us in our pj's - at various times of the day
3) The wedding
4) Jacob and the plane
5) The Braves game - including drunk guys arguing with us and Carol being touched inappropriately (AGAIN) in Atlanta.
6) Our hotel room smelling like ass
7) Getting our hotel room changed and the room still smelling like ass
8) The tornado warning and my mom telling us to repent our sins
9) My dad getting lost
10) The transexual at McD's
11) My son being THE DANCING QUEEN at the wedding
12) $ 3.56 for APPLE JUICE!

Ok - I'm sure there is more but those are basic highlights - more to follow when I'm more coherent and able to form proper sentences.