Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Weekend

I was whisked away this weekend to do two things I've wanted to do for a long time - experience The Monty Python greatness that is Spamalot and see the Hoover Dam, being in Vegas was just an added bonus.

Spamalot is based on the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". The show is fantastic and the only time I wasn't laughing was when I was trying to catch my breath to laugh some more. Because the Grail Theater at the Wynn isnt that big, it created this intimate atmosphere that made the experience so much better. Hearing the woman in the next section crack up as soon as the curtain go up and not stop pretty much throughout the show was priceless.

I almost feel like I have to memorize this movie now. "I'm not dead yet!" "Run Away!" "Ni! Ni! Ni!" "Fetchez La Vache!" Those are some of the things I've been saying for a the past few days.

Oh yeah - one more..."I fart in your general direction!" Luckily, I have a picture to prove this one...

The best part of the show was taken from this scene from the movie:

Needless to say, I can't really stop talking about this show. It was great!

The next day - the Hoover Dam was to be tackled. Let me state that my sister in law, Missy was totally right about the effing traffic getting there. Do not go during a holiday! But even though we had to sit in traffic for a long time, it was totally worth it.

The drive up was gorgeous! I have to say that I am a sucker for desert scenery.

One of the reasons I wanted to see and walk over the Hoover Dam was because the the Arizona/Nevada stateline crossed basically right in the middle of it. People use the dam as a way to commute between the states. Maybe it was my overactive imagination, but I swore that there would be some big line showing the stateline and significance that two states met at this engineering marvel. I suppose the the people who wanted to commemerate the moment didn't think like I did. This is all I saw:

Thats it! And I knew it wasnt just me because some asian dude pointed it out as well.

Seriously speaking (or typing) the views from the dam were spectacular! To the north, you have Lake Mead:

To the south, you have the Colorado River:

And here are some pictures of the dam itself.

It really is just impressive and breathtaking. Especially when you look straight down...

And you realize that...it really is pretty damn straight down. Like...really high up and straight down...

And then you remember that you are afraid of heights and start to freak out a little bit.

Sweatin' To The Oldies

I got my Wii Fit today.

Some people have said that exercising with a video game does not replace being outside. That exercising with a video game will not replace going to a gym and finding someone to push to your limits.

Let me say, that the video game sweat is still the same sweat as being outside or in a gym.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Would You Like A Side Of Gore With Your Coffee?

As I was reading an article about an explosion at a construction site in San Diego, I noticed something odd. On the right, they had the "Most Popular Slideshows" listed from the news website. That wasnt the odd part...the odd part that four of these posts had a "Warning: Disturbing Images" label.


I get that the disclaimer has to be on there but there are four stories that have this!

Its not even 10:30am and people are already looking at pictures of dead bodies? And yes, you bet your ass I looked at the pictures and I gotta say, they aren't THAT distubing. They have most of the image distorted. But, if you compare those pictures to what they show on the spanish news channels...now there are some actual distubing pictures. Every now and then, you get lucky because you get to actually see blood splatter!

I think I've seen one too many episodes of The Shield.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Discovering Podcasts

Many know that I'm not a very technical person. If you are curious as to how frustrating it is to deal with me in this manner, just ask Derry about the time I asked him to explain to me what an RSS feed is. I have to say though, it takes me a while but I eventually get there.

Anyways, last night, I opted to surf the podcast section of iTunes to see what they have on there. Let me say, that I just found a show that I'm going to look forward to every week when it gets updated. Its an NPR show called "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!". This is their description from their website:

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! is NPR's weekly hour-long quiz program. Each week on the radio you can test your knowledge against some of the best and brightest in the news and entertainment world while figuring out what's real news and what's made up.

The show is funny and it has trivia. Witty banter and useless information? A winning combination I tell you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Review: Across The Universe

Yesterday, my mom called bs on my perpetual procrastination by actually asking for her movie back. About a month ago, she lent me "Across The Universe" to see and I still hadn't gotten around to watching it. By the way, I'm not mentioning how long I've had "The Departed" sitting in my To Watch pile. I can tell you right now (or when you read this because technically right now is right now for me and not right now for you - just sayin') that Derry just said, "She still hasnt seen it?!?!" and rolled his eyes at me.

Ok back to the movie review...the movie is entertaining and engaging, not to mention a love story/musical - which basically hits all of my happy spots when it comes to doing something on a Sunday afternoon. If you don't know what the movie is about, its love story between a boy from Liverpool (Jude) and an American girl (Lucy) set in New York during the Vietnam war era. The musical part comes courtesy of the Beatles and their songs. I have to say that I have a new found respect for their music, its one thing to sing along to their songs on the radio and another thing to watch them come alive up on the screen.

The moment of the afternoon, though did not come from the movie but from my mother. While watching the movie, the group of friends go to a party where they are offered some punch. Then it gets all trippy and they are all on a bus going somewhere. Now, this is where it got weird - my mom...I'm not even going to try to explain, I'm going to try to type out verbatum what she told me.

Mom: Do you understand that mija?
Me: Understand what mom?
Mom: Back then, they would have people drink the punch and they'd put LSD in it to make them high. When someone takes drugs, its called "a trip". They are on the bus and its a metaphor for being on the drugs.

Side note to my brother: she did this like the 3rd time she woke up during the movie.

This was basically my reaction:

I mean...what the hell can I say?

I couldn't figure out what was more disturbing - that my mom felt the need to explain this to me or the fact that she actually knows these terms, in English! There are times where I really don't want to know about her past - really I DON'T. I know we have gotten to this bonding time where I share more than I used to and I see her as a friend but dear god - she still my mother! The great thing is that one day, I'm totally going to show this blog to Jake and its going to screw him up just as much and I CANT WAIT!!!

The movie is very entertaining but I'm glad I didn't run out to see it in the theaters. Maybe if I was in another generation where the Beatles had influenced me more, I could see why someone would LOVE the film (cough, my mom, cough) but I think it was good.

Final Rating: Rental

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh fine...Congratu-freaking-lations

Most people know that I'm not the hugest of Laker fans. But I feel that some props are in order for Kobe Bryant who just won this year's NBA MVP.

Nothing says Most Valuable Player like throwing a hissy fit at the beginning of the season.

D - I'm trying to be supportive...I'M TRYING!!!

Irresponsible Parenting

Driving home from work and school today, Jake opted to watch the only South Park episode I have on my iPod - "Trapped In The Closet". In case you live in a cave or have no sense of humor, "Trapped in the Closet" is the infamous Scientology episode. Yes, I referred to South Park and Scientology in the same sentence.

Jake wants to be entertained and I tell him to watch the South Park episode. He tells me that its "inappropriate" for him. Um - where did this child come from?

Does he watch anyways? Yes...yes he does.

Jake: Mom?
Me: Yeah?
Jake: Is the Scientology stuff real? That they talk about in the show?
Me: Yes it is.
Jake: So people believe in the Xenu thing and and pay money?
Me: Yup, they do.
Jake: Um - do they know it sounds stupid?
Me: Well, you may not agree with what certain people think - but its what they believe.
Jake: Yeah, its still stupid.

I freaking love my kid!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Do You Speaky The Spanish?

I just got a telemarketing call that I think has taken it ot the next level of annoyance in my book.

The caller asked for me by name and then proceeded to speak to me in Spanish. I answered in English. He asked me if I spoke Spanish and I said yes but that I preferred to speak English. Then he proceeded to ask me why. WHY?!?! Because we are in freaking American buddy! If you are trying to sell me something then at least respect in the manner I prefer to be communicated with.

P/S He kept referring to me as a ma'am. UGH

Movie Review: IRON MAN


Robert Downey Jr is back in a big way as Tony Stark.
I actually didn't hate Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.
Jon Favreau did a great job directing - and may I add that he lost a hell of a lot of weight.
Um, I think the kid that played Ralphie in A Christmas Story was one of the producers.

Yeah, this movie is pretty awesome. A part of me of me would like to do the traditional synopsis of it but its just worth it to go see it.

So do as Tony Stark commands:

Stop what you are doing and go see IRON MAN!!!

Final Rating: Full Price!