Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Its a boy!

Born 12-29-04 at 4:36pm

9lbs 2 oz and 20 1/2 inches long

Missy did it totally natural and at home...YOU GO GIRL!!!

Information on the name to come later...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami Tachi Strikes Again...

So I know that my aunt isnt necessarily an unlucky person but funny/strange things happen to us whenever we get together. So after we left and got about 20 minutes out of town - we remember that we left the bread pudding (my mom's famous bread pudding) at home. So we go back and then head out of town again...we hit Barstow where my mouth was watering for an In and Out Burger until I saw the wait - it must have been an hour! So we went to Panda Express. Then started on that long stretch of highway into Vegas. Right before stateline the traffic slowed to a crawl...then I got rear ended. No I didn't get hurt, no there was no damage to the car....the bread pudding however is another story. My mom had it on her lap in the passenger seat and when we got hit - it went flying. We managed to not lose most of it - but the "presentation" obviously went out the window. We were just laughing hysterically and immediately called my aunt to blame her for the whole situation.

So we went to see my brother and had a good time visiting (I kicked ass in Monopoly-woohoo!).

Then on Monday night, I went to Harrah's to meet my friends for dinner. And I pulled into the self parking where they have those security guards checking is our conversation:

Security guard: Good Evening, Welcome to Harrah's
Me: Hi-Thanks
Security guard: Are you staying with us tonight?
Me: No, I'm just meeting some friends for dinner.
Security guard: Are you a call girl?
Me: (shocked) Uh, no
Security guard: Are you sure?
Me: (still shocked) Uh, pretty sure
Security guard: Just asking, have a good night.
Me: How can I have a good night if you just asked me if I was a prostitute.
Security guard: I never said prostitute, I said call girl.
Me: Same thing! You called me a hooker!
Security guard: No, call girls are business women.
Me: Then why didn't you ask me if I was a business woman?
Security guard: Well have fun whatever you do, have dinner with your friends, win a big jackpot.
Me: Well apparently I would have a better time if I was a "call girl" (and yes I did use the air quotes).
Security guard: Have a good night!

Yeah, I know.

So still no baby.

Still havent seen Ocean's 12

But Amazing Race is on tonight!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ahhh, Christmas....

So Christmas has come and essentially gone. We do the Christmas Eve by 1am we were done. So we told my son that we had to go hide so Santa could come and delivered the presents. I think I freaked him out. He thought that Santa was basically going to break into the house. I hope I didn't give him a complex - seriously. When "Santa" ho-ho'd as he was "leaving" he started shaking in the bedroom (my cousins and I were in there hiding with him). Anways, he had fun and I believe he expects every house he goes to from now on to have presents waiting for him there from Santa. I realized that the best presents I can get from now on are DVD's. I received Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkiban (completed that collection), The LOTR - Return of the King (the extended version - completed that collection), and Seinfeld Season 3. So my family and I have been glued to the television watching Seinfeld. So sad I know...but you know what - its hysterical and its "quality time".

On a side note - no baby yet. My mom and I are convinced that the baby is a boy and since Sunday is a full moon the baby will be born then - right when we are visiting. I told my sister in law that we were going to pull up a chair and watch the show (she's having a home birth). Screw Penn and Teller.

Back to Seinfeld - I think after this we are going to have to watch some hobbits kick some ass.

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Smell of Pine and The Secrets of a Santa

So to add insult to injury about my dad's debocle with the Christmas tree I did something that (thankfully) ended up being really funny - I bought him those car air freshners that smell like pine. I thought it would be funny, my mom thought it was funny - and when I sent my son to give it to my dad, he thought it was funny too. But since its been rather chilly and we have had the heater on - it REALLY smells like that pine air freshner. Mix that with the smells of the bread puddings my mom is making - makes an odd aroma in the house.

Just heard my aunt and two cousins are driving up to spend Christmas eve with us - WOOHOO! Very exciting! My stomach is going to hurt from laughing so hard. The last time I spent the majority of the evening with them - the hotel we were staying at caught on fire. Needless to say - it was hysterical. Obviously we are hoping for a more low-key evening but at least this time we stay more on our toes about things.

SPOILER ALERT!! Please stop reading if you are too young at heart...There you have been warned.

So being a parent - you learn cartain "rules" about the holidays. The big one is the Santa rule. Now...I hate to admit that I lived in blissful ignorance about the whole thing until one day at breakfast when my parents so cruelly told us the truth about everything (the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and yes...Santa Claus). So since then I knew the truth but a part of me still believed - and now seeing the joy in my son's eyes makes Christmas so much fun. I particularly like threatening him with him being taken off the list if he steps out of line - but thats a different story. Anyways - I went to buy his toys and have been hiding them all over the house and finding time here and there to wrap them. Last night I actually pretended to go to sleep and then I got up to wrap the presents. Lucky for me - I did it and ended up being able to chat with my friend overseas. Which quite frankly was a great present in itself. Back to the Santa thing - I'm wondering how much sneakiness my 3 yr old requires. I am wrapping the gifts in paper that no one else in this house is using so he cant put 2 and 2 together. But I realized this morning that I wrapped all the presents in "Santa" paper and now "I" am not going to have anything to give him. So I have to unwrap some presents and re-wrap. As usual, I'm probably over thinking it but hey, its what makes the holidays fun.

I'll probably post again later - but if not HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Witty banter between siblings, the Christmas Card Guilt, and THE POWER!

So my brother and I have started to have a conversation of sorts over our respective blogs. He makes comments about what I say and I make comments back to him. We find it to be very funny because we end up calling each other and saying "Did you read what I wrote in my blog about dad? Oh my goodness its so funny - you have to read it!" My dad wants nothing to do with it anymore (Actually, I'm pretty sure he's loving it but playing the grinch just because he can). My brother wrote in his blog that my dad hates Santa because he got an artificial tree. To which my father picked up the phone and defended his love for Santa and explained that getting an artificial tree was a necessity because there are no real trees left in our town. Anyways, the whole Dad hates Santa thing and the impending birth of the new grandchild has made the phone calls between here and there more interesting and fun.

So I started receiving Christmas cards from friends - I'm sorry, I couldn't do the Christmas card thing this year. Only one person is getting a card and its part of the package I sent him for Christmas. For everyone else - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There I'm done. Damn saved on postage too. So anyways, I started to feel guilty I didnt send any from Jacob and I. My mom sent cards out and wrote our names on them too, so at least I wont be in the dog house with family. Small miracles do happen from time to time.

Lets see - what else is going on. If you are curious about the nativity scandal - its up, the tree is up, and the furniture in the living room has been moved around to accomodate the Christmas theme (not kidding).

Funny how this blog has given me this sense of power. I threatened a friend (well-really how intimidating can you be over email?) that if he was giving me too much tude, well I was going to put it in my blog. Its funny how the little things you feel you want to share with everyone. I know one friend probably reads this as much as she can and laughs at the stupid stuff that happens to me. I miss her a lot (KV). I miss all my friends - but at least this makes me feel a little better that they are reading about the dumb stuff that happens that I'd be telling them over coffee. TANGENT!! Sorry, back to the power thing. This blog is kind of like therapy too. I'm too scared to write anything too "deep" on here though because you never know who is reading it or if you are going to offend anyone - so I might as well just stay to certain things. Sure I can say I dont care - but as well all know I'm not like that. Well for those of you who do know me...those strangers that are reading this because they are browsing through blogs..Hey, how's it going! But really this thing is a bit addictive...something small happens and I want to put it on here...something big happens, I want to put it on here. Actually something big did happen last night but I'm not sure if I should post it yet. I'll think about it. Or you can post comments and let me know if I should or not...yeah that would be fun, start a poll on my blog. How entertaining would that be? I'll post potential titles and then you can all vote for it. Yeah ok - I think thats pushing it. So no LOST tonight (rerun) - so I'm going to do the next best thing, take my son to get ice cream...sure its probably about 45 degrees outside but nothing says winter like a Banana Royale from Baskin Robbins.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Today is my niece Maya's birthday. So here goes my famous birthday gift to anyone in an earshot that they get for their birthday...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to youuuuu!
Haaapppyyy Biiirthddaaayyyy dear MMAAAYYYYAAAAA!!!!!

As many of my friends and most of my family can attest to - be thankful that was posted versus actually being sung.

I can't believe she's 3 - how time flies! I can never really compare how time really does fly on my own (I mean yes I know I'm 28 but that doesnt really feel like I'm aging). I can really see it when my son, my niece (soon to be nieces or nephew) or cousins grow older - graduate from high school, college, get married, and have kids.


Monday, December 20, 2004

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree...O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Did you know there is a shortage of Christmas trees in Ridgecrest? There are absolutely no live trees left in this little desert town which contributed to my parents making a decision that was close to being a mortal sin in their eyes - getting an artificial tree. As a side note to my brother - dad taught him the Christmas tree song - oh yeah, its on. For the rest of you - imagine hearing the title of this post over and over and over again.

As you might recall, I had the duty of going to purchase my dad's mom had one job - ONE JOB - to keep him away from Wal-Mart while I make the buy. So I go get the box (which is bigger than my 3yr old and just as heavy) and bring it to the front to get a cart because I didn't have enough forethought to have gotten one before. So I'm carrying this box and trying to put it in the cart when low and behold who do I see - YUP MY PARENTS! So I get in front of the cart (like an idiot) and try to hide it. My mom realizes what has happened and directs my dad to go another that's going to help. Anyways, that's done. At least its another story to add to my little collection.

So I think my brother has a radar as to call at the most inappropriate times. Last night he called during Desperate Housewives. I mean I know the man is stressed beyond belief about his wife being due any minute and I'm sure he's looking for some sympathy. But there are a few hours during the week that are sacred in my household during LOST, CSI, Without A Trace, Desperate Housewives, West Wing, and (when it comes back on) ALIAS. He's already called during CSI, LOST and DH. Anyways - he's trying to talk to me and I'm sitting there going "Yeah, really? How's Missy? And my Maya? Ok - here's mom" And my mom is watching the show with me - all I hear her say is "No mijo - I am paying attention to you" All the while she's hitting me because of the stuff thats happening on tv.

So I really should help with the Christmas decorating. My dad is in phase 2 of the nativity scene: putting the actual scene together. The houses are up and the lights are on, the three wise men are being put into place, and Jacob built a lake out of contruction paper that has crocodiles in it (not kidding). So off to do some family bonding...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday afternoon...

Lets see - I got stuck watching this movie on Lifetime about a man and a woman who were getting a divorce and he ends up killing her. Apparently its a true story and it took Lifetime 4 hours to tell the freaking thing. Mind you I sat down to watch part of it and then got sucked in - and it wouldn't end! My mom would keep coming into my room asking me what has happened. The movie starred Ken Olin and was called Death by Sunset (so Lifetime huh) and he was finally brought to trial and was found guilty of murder. There I saved you a few hours of your life.

My dad is tearing the house apart to get the nativity scene ready. For those of you who have see my dad's nativity scene, you understand the severity and the seriousness the man takes this. I love him but the house is a shambles. The only table that doesnt have nativity stuff on it is...well everything is covered, even my computer desk. If it wasnt for the pull out keyboard, I'd be sitting on the floor or something.

I know I have other things to say, but I have to go buy my dad's present. My mom and I are buying him stereo. Its $70 or so and my mom gave me $30 as her half. Apparently we do different math here than in Guatemala - plus she expects change. Yeah I know, I'm shaking my head too. Damn I hope he doesnt read this or its going to ruin the, yeah...ok - Dad we are buying you DVD's for your collection - yeah thats it. Make a list...or point to commercials, apparently that seems to work in this house for the little man.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Movie Review: A Day Without A Mexican

So I rented "A Day Without A Mexican" by Sergio Arau today at the good old Blockbuster. Now, let me say that the movie made me laugh so much! Its about how all latinos in California disappear one day and how the economy and society deal with it. It was really an interesting take on how we really have to have a relationship with one another and be respectful of our roles. Anyways- thought it was pretty good and I suggest you watch it.

Other movies I rented that I will post reviews for are Amelie and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I've decided that I'm going approach renting movies from Blockbuster in a different manner. One independent/foreign film, a classic, and a major studio release. I have to catch up on so many movies that I need to spice it up on how I check them out.

Well, I gotta get going. The Redskins are playing and I need to scream at the television thinking that its going to help.

Friday, December 17, 2004

My exciting Friday night...

I put a desk together that I bought at Staples. Wait I should edit that a bit - my dad put most of it together and I helped at the end. I was busy watching a cute Christmas movie on NBC called Secret Santa. So I'm planning to go see Ocean's 12 tomorrow and I'm getting so many negative reviews about it. And everyone is saying pretty much the same thing. I'm still going to see it - you know me curiousity killed the cat. Alright...time for bed I think.

Honesty is not necessarily the best policy at times...

So the adventures of parenthood brought me to an ethical dilemma this afternoon. Jacob was with me as I was running around doing errands. One of my stops was Hallmark to buy a Christmas card. While I was there he went into the back room where they have those houses on displays (i.e. The Globe Theatre) you know, the real expensive, overpriced ones. So he picked up a little fire engine and was playing with it. I told him that we had to go and to put it back. I turn to walk out when I hear Jacob say "Oh, Mommy, sorry" He broke the little fire truck! So we are the only ones there - I could have very easily but it back...but no I opt to do the right thing (damn that conscious of mine) and pay for it. I get up to the cash register and the little fire truck is $27.50! BEFORE TAX! I was mad. A part of me wanted to hear the woman say - its ok, you dont have to buy it...but nooo! STINKING CAPITALIST! So then she asks me if I wanted to take it home - I say" Damn straight I'm taking it home! I'm going to put it in his memory box and charge him for it when he gets older." Of course when my dad saw it he said he can fix it and he's trying to find some super glue for it now.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

First Post!

I dont know what possessed me to do this. I got inspired by my brother's post and his adventure at the dentist. I know most of you know he and his wife Missy are expecting their second child. Here is his link if you want to keep yourself posted on whats going on with the Las Vegas clan:

As for is busy, school is thankfully over, and Christmas is around the corner. Jacob has realized that he can just point to commercials and ask for stuff. Too funny. Ok thats it. I'm sure I'll post again later, but the first one is always the hardest. Think I got through it pretty well.