Wednesday, May 31, 2006

East Coast Adventure: Day 1 - The Plane Ride

Holy Hell - this is a post in itself. I got to the airport relatively early and painlessly thanks to my wonderful buddy Rozanne taking me from work (after our manicures/pedicures and In and Out fix).

After I checked my bag - I realized that I didnt put a luggage tag on it, in case it gets lost. Since I have never EVER lost a bag, I hope that my streaked continued (it did). As I'm sitting in the sports bar, looking to see if the Oilers had beat the Ducks that night (they didnt but eventually did win the series), I see that a bunch of kids are passing along heading towards the gate where I'm supposed to be in.

I pray that they are not on my plane. That prayer is futile because about 30 teenagers are on my flight. DAMN!! Since I was leaving at 1030pm, I was hoping to get a little shut eye on the flight. Figured maybe the kids would pass out from the sheer excitement of flying to DC (that was my connection). I held on hope.

I'm killing some time by chatting it up with a friend on my cell and finally we start to board. As I approach my seat (I had the window seat), I see a really big fat woman sitting in the middle seat of an aisle. Again, I wondered if she was in my row....and she was. I tell her that I'm sitting in the window and she gives me this look like I'm an inconvinience to her. Dude, sorry! Then she uses her cane (not kidding) to get up and she's about 5'11" and about 280-300. I sat in my seat and then she sits down. NO JOKE - I couldnt even put my arm on the armrest because her fat was pouring over it. Sweet Jebus! I felt like I looked like a little kid next to her. So I'm trying to see if I can get comfortable laying next to the window and such - I even broke my pillow out (yes I took my pillow dammit). Then I hear her say:

Big Fat Lady: HEY RONNY! You ok up there?
Ronny (from the row in front of her): I'm fine...

This is my out! Here goes the conversation:
Me: Is that your son?
BFL: No (huffs, no lie), he's my nephew.
Me: Oh, well would you like me to switch seats with him so you can sit together?
BFL: You wouldnt mind giving up your window seat?
Me: Absolutely not - I'm sure you would like to have him closer to you.
BFL: Why thank you, thats very kind of you.
Me: No really, its my pleasure.
BFL: RONNY! Get your stuff together and move back here!
Ronny: Why?

So I get up and switch seats with Ronny (who is about 12). As I'm getting up, the guy sitting in the aisle seat gives me this look like I just stole his alibi! It was classic.

So in the middle of the night, I get up to use the facilities and when I get back - I turn around and see BFL had fallen asleep...and fallen on top of the guy in the aisle seat. He was scrunched down in his seat so low, I felt sorry for him. Not sorry enough for me to give up my seat though! I looked at the guy in my row and said "Looks like I lucked out, ?" And he laughed.

P/S What I also failed to elaborate on was the smell this woman had...I'll just leave it at that.

I'm back!

Damn that was a good trip. Who knew that going to the mountains would result in such a good time. Let me state that I had the best fother-muckin' pizza in the world! I'll post daily recaps of my trip as time at work and home permits.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane...

Well tonight I embark on my infamous trip back east. I'm sure to have fun since I found out I'm going to the Poconos one day. This might not be all that interesting to anyone else but I've only known as the Poconos as something you hear about in movies and tv shows.

I'm rather excited! Ooohhh, I hope to see the hotel from Dirty Dancing. Maybe we can find a log to dance on!

No blogging until I get back.

Seacrest out!

Oh Sweet Jebus!

Since Nocturnal Rockstar is bitching about LOST posts - here it is.

Damn that finale was pretty damn good. I dont have any time at all to post what I would like to but I will post what Kristen from EOnline posted on the message board about it. Damn them some good speculations - I got a few of them, but not all. To Scotty-Poo, thats not Jack's twin.

Of course, we ALWAYS want more info but there were some pretty fantastic reveals last night - what brought down the plane, why Desmond was there, etc. -- and most importantly, Josh and Naveen shirtless in the first two minutes!? Hello! You can't beat that with a Jesus stick!! (Though I did find it funny that Matthew kept his shirt on -- strange behavior for a nudist.)

Anyhoodles, here's what I'm thinking after last night's episode. And mind you, some of this is just speculation so take it with a heap of salt:

*Michael is gone for good. Eko and Locke will survive. Seems pretty obvious, right? They would NEVER kill off Locke or Ecko (I've already sent my threatening emails to Damon Lindelof on the matter). As I've been saying, Harold Perrineau is no longer a series regular next season (that is fact). So, it seems that Walt and Michael really will sail away. However, my hunch is that we'll see Walt again since he can "appear in places he wasn't supposed to be." Michael *could return if Harold returns as a guest star, but I know of no current plans to do so.

*Michael Emmerson (Henry Gale) should win an Emmy. No, he should win ALL the Emmys. And it seems clear now that FH (Faux Henry, not to be confused with a Future Husband) is the head of the Others on the island. However, I'm convinced that it's Daddy Widmore who is the big "Him" pulling all the strings ... from the mainland.

*That said, my *guess is that Widmore Industries (seen before in a sign on a factory in London and Sun's pregnancy test) is running the big experiment on the island, and Daddy W's (Widmore, not Warbucks) Race Around the World intentionally sent Desmond to that island to get him away from his daughter.

*Expanding on that, my theory is that Libby was in on it all along (I've smelled Eau du Other on her since day one!). Perhaps that crappy-ass, fake page-boy wig she had in the flashback was intentionally crappy-ass because she was indeed an Other (they do like that fake hair and seriously, ABC *should have the budget for a more realistic wig). 'Elizabeth' could have been a clinical psychologist working on the Dharma Initiative who was sent out in the real world (the coffee shop, the insane asylum) to get Desmond and Hurley to the island (which would explain the ridiculous coinkidink of her having a boat, and perhaps they needed to get Hurley away because he knew about the numbers from someone who had been on the island before and went berzerk). This would explain the whole thing with the backpack in 'The Other 48 Days' episode, when Cindy (flight attendant) was carrying a red backpack in one scene, then in the next, Libby was carrying it and Cindy was gone. Also, it's possible Libby wasn't even on the plane. Did we ever see her? Am I forgetting that? I'm pretty sure she just appeared in the water after the crash and later told a lame lie to Hurley that he stepped on her foot on the plane -- when she was in the tail section and he was in the fuselage, and I'm not geometry whiz but that doesn't add up.

*The Magnets: Every time the button isn't pushed it launches a deadly magnetic field which brought down the plane. And it makes the island detectable. Clearly, Penny knows of this and is using it to track down Desmond. The Brazilians (inspired by my Brazilian boyfriend, I'd like to think, since we had dinner with Damon a few months back and my B.F. told him they need Brazilians on the show - true story!) said something like “we can't miss it again,” perhaps referring to Sept 22 when the plane came down. One could guess that they are at the North or South pole where you would pick up electromagnetic frequencies more strongly. Perhaps if the island's magnetic balance isn't kept in check, the Earth's poles would go off their axis … ? Am I losing my mind?

*The bird called Hurley's name to remind us that there are mystical elements on this island that cannot be explained. And I keep thinking there's got to be something in the food - and that Hurley not eating it (it seems like he still isn't, right?) will make him hear and see things differently than everyone else. The food could be drugged. Just a thought.

*The Others might really be “Good.” Perhaps The Others are not willing participants … Just a thought. So far they have been stealing children and the “good” ones and taking them out of the game/experiment, to protect them or send them home. My sense is that the reason they're taking Jack, Kate and Sawyer is to take out the strongest players and to leave the Losties leaderless. Enter Mr. Eko vs. Locke vying for power next season …

*Charlie is evil now? Seems like it, doesn't it? If he is, I feel like it might be one of those twists that wasn't planned all along … but rather the producers finding a reason to keep Dom involved in the show because a) they love him b) he's had a crap-ass season and c) it doesn't hurt to keep your leading lady's man in happy and in Hawaii. I'm just sayin'.

*I keep waiting for the initial pitch of the show, that "Claire's baby is tied to the history of the island," to come into play. Is this why Charlie is so close to her? To keep an eye on Aaron?

*And finally, thanks to our friend Lala2460 for posting this recap of Dickens' “Our Mutual Friend” in a thread below. This is the book Desmond was carrying around and it has a pretty FITTING title, does it not? Well, turns out the storyline also ties into that Bad Twin manuscript Hurley found on the beach (which they're selling as a real book). Lala wrote: "'Our Mutual Friend' is about a rich young man named John Harmon, who while on a sea voyage to meet his future wife that his dad chose for him, meets another man who looks exactly like him (a twin!). They decide to swap identities, so that John Harmon can spy on his future wife to find out if she is worthy/see if he wants to marry her. However, after they switch clothes/identities, the lookalike guy betrays John Harmon (a BAD TWIN!!!), and tries to kill him. Unfortunately, the lookalike guy is himself betrayed by another man, who kills this bad twin in front of the real John, and then dumps the two of them in the sea. The real John survives, but the bad twin guy's body also washes ashore, and since the bad twin has John's I.D. papers on his person, the police and lawyers assume he is John Harmon, and thus declare that John Harmon is dead. Tramautized and "Lost", the real John decides he has nothing else to lose but to take on another false name, and go spy on the girl who would have been his future bride - testing her character, etc. The bulk of the novel is that.” Thanks, Lala!

See - pretty damn good, que no? I loved the episode and cant wait for next season! Damn, I should really get a book over the summer to read - BAD TWIN!?!? I'm trying to stay very far away from The Lost Online Experience Game.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Its too good - I'm just going to cut and paste the article.

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. - The exotic chicken that was saved from drowning by mouth-to-beak resuscitation more than three months ago has died, her owner said.

Boo Boo, the chicken who was revived after she was found floating face down in the family pond in February, died recently, said owner Jackie Calhoun. The fowl's story was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Animal Planet network.

"She had seizures," Calhoun said. "I've come to the conclusion that's what put her in the pond in the first place."

In February, Calhoun said he removed the chicken from the water and his sister Marian Morris blew into its beak, causing its eyes to pop open. Morris, a retired nurse, said she hadn't used cardiopulmonary resuscitation in years. She said she was glad that the chicken she saved was exotic and not just an ordinary chicken.

The chicken, who was named Boo Boo because she was easily frightened, lived to lay three eggs before dying, Calhoun said. Until then, Calhoun said he didn't know if the bird was male or female.

"We incubated one of her eggs, and it hatched," Calhoun said. "The chick has black and white markings like Boo Boo's."

Ok - so the chicken drowns, becomes Chicken a la Frankenstein, reproduces (which I find morbid by the way - the mother dies and the child lives), then it dies again...then they figure she had seizures? There has to be a movie in here somewhere....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

What is it about sports that just brings out the somewhat bad in in me? I'm a nice person - really I am but on Friday night at the Dodger game, I was one of the most obnoxious people ever! True the Dodgers did kick some serious ass by beating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 16-3. And Anna and I take full responsibility for this. Why do you ask? Because we were sitting right next to the Angels bullpen and when they called on the relief pitchers, they blew the game.

On yeah, we got to them.

But it wasnt just Anna and I - I dont mind being obnoxious in front of her - but I went with some co-workers...egad! See - they dont see this side of me unless I convince them that going to a hockey game is actually fun. Ok - back to the heckling. So as the relief pitcher Yan was warming up, I came up with a great line - "Its no wonder you arent a starter!". Dude, I loved that line. And screaming it really helped my cause. What also helped were all the beers I had drank throughout the afternoon/evening. After he went in to the game, he promptly gave up 5 runs. While he's pitching his little ass off, Romero starts warming up. I forget what Anna yelled at him, but even the pitching coach gave her the peace sign. Then Romero goes in and gives up 4 runs. I think it would have been the ultimate insult if we would have started comparing the Angels to the Ducks - ooohh, that would have been awesome! "The Ducks have a better record than you!" Anna has to post some of her lines - I cant recall. I seem to recall a "This aint little league - there isnt a mercy rule" too.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Per Shannon's Request

Here is a video from You Tube where Joan Rivers appears on an Australian TV awards show and doesnt know why she's there or who anyone the way, did I mention she's drunk?

Sweet Mother of God!

Ok, so I dont know why I found this so freaking facinating to post - but I did.

This is from a story on Yahoo about a bear that killed a monkey in a zoo.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Bears killed and ate a monkey in a Dutch zoo in front of horrified visitors, witnesses and the zoo said Monday. In the incident Sunday at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park, several Sloth bears chased the Barbary macaque into an electric fence, where it was stunned.

It recovered and fled onto a wooden structure, where one bear pursued and mauled it to death.
The park confirmed the killing in a statement, saying: "In an area where Sloth bears, great apes and Barbary macaques have coexisted peacefully for a long time, the harmony was temporarily disturbed during opening hours on Sunday."

"Of course the habitats here in the safari park are arranged in such a way that one animal almost never kills another, but they are and remain wild animals," it said.

If that is not good enough (you know what I mean) - here is the link to an EYEWITNESS account with pictures. Man, if I only read Dutch.

UPDATED: My cool ass brother sent me this link for translation. Ok, its more because I'm LAZY I didnt translate, ok?

I decided to put the picture up. Sorry to the faint of heart.

Aaron! DENNY!

(24 and Grey's Anatomy spoilers)


Doesnt surprise me that the President knew where Super Agent Aaron Pierce was. My favorite part of the evening was when the First Lady shot the secret service agent that was going to kill Aaron and I called Scott and all we did was scream into the phone. So what the hell are the Russians going to do with the missiles? Ponder...Ponder...Ponder. As long as Agent Pierce is good to go - I'm fine.

Grey's Anatomy
SERIOUSLY! This is absolutely the best TV show out there. Yes, I like it more than LOST. I ran the gamut of emotion as I watched the finale. In the end - I was crying, ok, weeping, I was weeping. First over a dog, then over one of my favorite characters. I couldnt believe that Denny died! Izzy was going to be happy!!! But nooo - you had to go off and give him a stroke after his heart transplant. Although I am happy that Izzy quit the program, after what she did - she doesnt deserve to be a surgeon. She allowed her feelings for Denny to cloud her medical judgement and she, basically, sent him into heart failure for him to move up on the organ donor list. And Meredith?!?! I'm not liking McDreamy at all anymore. He's a jackass that wants his cake and eat it too. He cant keep doing what he's doing to her. He may love Meredith, but he chose to be with his wife and work things out. I feel bad for Addison, she actually deserves so much better. Maybe she should hook up with McVet.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ugh - Even Ticketmaster Is Rubbing It In

Mighty Ducks Western Conference Final Playoff Presale

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Shockers Of The Week - for me...

Chris getting voted off of American Idol? As much as I have the McFever - she needed to go. My support is going towards Elliot now.


I dont know how I feel that the Ducks eliminated the Avs last night. I'm glad Rob Blake wont get his hands on another cup but damn those Ducks! I have to say that they are playing really well and the their rookie goalie, Bryzgalov is pretty damn good.


There are a few athletes out there that I hate. Yes, I used the word HATE. Kobe Bryant, Mike Piazza, Mike Tyson (actually, he's one that I love to hate), and Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth's homerun count earlier this week and now pretty much anytime he goes up to bat, he might go down in history. There is a website that encourages fans to email different ball clubs to walk Barry Bonds - I totally love it.


I cant even talk about this week's LOST. I'm still bummed about Libby dying (for Hurley's sake). I'm afraid that he's going to feel guilty and go into a similar catatonic state that sent him into the mental institution in the first place. WTF is up with Michael, that man makes me want to scream. But hell, if I had to make a deal with the devil to get the safe return of Jacob after being kidnapped by some weird people on a boat after surviving a plane crash - I would. And let me also add - me loves Eko. Just click here and watch the episode on Come back with questions.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm in love...

Other than loving my new TiVo - I've also fallen for this song. Actually I've loved it for a long time and finally getting around to posting it on here. I promise to be more entertaining later in the week - been gearing up for a hellish month not to mention that I fear my cute little car has driven me her last miles. So one more thing to deal with - yeah me! I digress.

Blogworld - I give you Gnarls Barkley with "Crazy". LOVE IT!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Metro Rider Of The Week

Mexican dude trying to flirt with the 6'4" black transvestite.

Honorable Mention:
The fugly couple making out in public - groping and all. (*shudder*)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

LOST - I think I crapped my pants

Thats basically how I felt the last 5 minutes of the show. No recap can do it justice - from Hurley's line about Say Anything to Ana Lucia and Sawyer getting their groove on to Libby and Hurley finding Jin on the beach (that was just plain funny).

Some interesting things where: Jack's dad meets Ana Lucia in the airport bar and asks her to go with him to Australia with him for "protection". We find out that Jack has a half sister - was it just me or did the mom look a lot like Claire? Who else liked the commercial for the Hanso Foundation?

But the big one was Michael and what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby!

Early in the episode, Henry attacks Ana Lucia and she swears to get revenge (thats why she did the nasty with Sawyer, to get his gun). She volunteers to stay in the hatch and watch over Michael and she tells him about how she wanted to kill Henry but couldnt do it. He says that he can do it, probably to get some vengence for Walt being taken, and he apologizes and then shoots Ana-Lucia! Then Libby walks in (she had gone to get a blanket for a picnic with Hurley) and Michael is startled and shoots Libby too! He goes into the locked room and looks at Henry and then shoots himself - obviously setting it up to seem like Henry shot everyone. Now here is my thing, I have been saying for weeks that I think that Henry is "The Man". I believe we have found our Kaiser Soze.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Genius I tell you - GENIUS!

Whoever thought of putting Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell together and adding liquor should be given a huge raise.

The Duck Hater

Let me first thank TiVo for being at home for me to record 24 while I accompanied some Kings fans to cheer on Calgary at the Pond against the Ducks.

Yes, I'm a hater.

I went out of my way to cheer against a cross-town rival - I spent money I should be saving on a ticket and drove to Anaheim for the game. Let me also clarify that I didnt drive, I rode and felt like I was going to die twice in that car thanks to the erratic driving of the Ducks bandwagon fan - Steve. There, I've said my peace and Anna is laughing her ass off at me. Wow what a great time we had. It would have been even better if the Flames had actually won but nooo - Ducks had to go and force a game 7. BASTARDS!

It was odd going to "another house" to watch a game. Things just arent the same. They dont have the same feeling, the beer just doesnt taste right - even though the jumbo beer cups are awesome and I've decided to collect a set for my apartment. We werent assholes like those damn Dallas fans that had to eat crow (btw - Dallas and Detroit have been eliminated - I'm so freaking happy, sorry Chad). We were smart ass fans through because we decided to mock pretty much everything that went on in that Pond. From the Fowl Towel (not kidding) that they gave us when we walked in to the arena when I asked if I could get one that said KINGS on it. The lady didnt think it was as funny as I did. Then we had to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to our section - we were gasping and grabbing on the walls asking where the escalators were and made comments about how Staples was better they had escalators. Then when the gang went out to smoke, I was saying how Staples was better because they provided us with tables and chairs to sit at. See - total hater. But it was fun.

If that was not the best part - this was.

They gave us these programs for articles and rosters blah blah blah for the playoffs - but it also had a glossary - A GLOSSARY!!! It had definitions of terms for those non-hockey enthusiasts.

Center Ice: the area between the two blue lines also called the neutral zone
Center line: a red, 12-inch wide line across the ice midway between the two goals
Empty-Net Goal: a goal scored against a team that has pulled the goalie
Rebound: a puck that bounces off the goalie's body or equipment
Save: the act of a goalie in blocking or stopping a shot
Substitution: occurs when a player comes off the bench to replace a player coming out of the game; can be made at any time and play does not need to stop.

The smart asses that we are - anytime the whistle blew we reached for the program to look up definitions for things. Anna - what did we look up? There were some really funny ones.

P/S Got a beer from Anna for getting up and screaming loud enough for Bob Miller and Jim Fox to wave at us.

Good Times - Good Times

Monday, May 01, 2006


Yes, I' m a girl dammit and I went to see STICK IT!

The movie about gymnastics brought to you from the writers of Bring It On. Let me say, that as far as entertainment goes on a Saturday afternoon - it was awesome! Everytime I mentioned it to my friends this weekend, they all turned to me and said "ooohhh! how was it?" As if I was the official movie taster. Anyways - if you are up for a cute, funny, CAMPY movie - check it out.

Final Rating: Matinee or Rental

"Its not Gym-NICE-tics."