Thursday, March 29, 2007

You know what song I'm thinking about?

ITS A SMALL WORLD. Yup, yes it is.

Last night after my softball practice (um, yeah, dont ask), the Jakeman wanted to go to the rink and watch the roller hockey game. While we were sitting there watching the game, I noticed that one guy had a jersey with a last name on the back of it. A strangely familiar last name. So I called a friend to see if she knew what had happened to this person we last saw 12 years ago in high school.

I got her voicemail, where I might add, I proceeded to leave a rambling message that only a few people are priviledged to receive from me. So after I hung up, I wondered how curious I was to see if this was the same person from high school. I asked the girl sitting the stands if she knew the team in black - no luck. She suggested that I just scream the name to see if it was him. Normally, I would not be opposed to screaming random guys' names in parks - however, I was tired and even though I was curious, I wasnt that curious. Then there was a breakaway and my mystery man had the puck. I swear I heard his name called by his teammate. And I wasnt hallucinating because Jacob heard it too. So now...the curiosity was hitting its zenith. I was getting ready to scream the name but by this time, the game was over. Lucky me.

So Jake and I get up and walk around to the bench to see if it sthe guy. I walk up to him and I say "Excuse me, are you..." and he screamed "MELISSA!"

Now - here is my issue with this.

Not that its awesome that someone remembers me after 12 years but someone remembers me after 12 years! Do I look exactly like I did in high school? I had to think and make sure make phone calls for goodness sake and after that it was mostly the facial hair that threw me off but still.

Anyways, we did a quick catchup and since he plays at that park every week, I'll see him next week after my softball practice. YAY!

Its a small world after all!

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Anonymous said...

So who the hell was it???? the curiosity is killing me!!