Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh Those Damn Ducks!

What sucks more?

Your child selling out to the Ducks ~OR~ Considering selling out yourself

Game 3 is tonight and I'm actually tempted to cheer for the DU...C...K...S. Typing it was harder than I thought.

A friend texted after their Game 2 victory that they have a solid shot of doing this. I agree! Ottawa hasnt been able to keep up and Giggy is back on his game. I'm not discrediting the Ducks being a good team - they are. They have enough experience to drive to the net and go for the win (unlike the Kings who I am still pissed at they sent Mattias Nostrom to the Dallas Stars, even though we did get Jack Johnson - was still a horrible move that probably wouldn't have happened if they didnt sell out and gotten Rob Blake to come back to LA to fill the "name" requirement that disappeared when Luuuuuc retired).

So if you are a die hard fan and your rival shows up in the big show - do you suck it up and cheer for them because they are the best team or do you stick to your guns?

Let me know because I have to practice my quacks for tonight's game.

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