Monday, June 25, 2007

Snow, Snow, Kick, Kick, Snow

Oh yeah...tonight I embarked on my 10 week journey of fabulous entertainment. I'm crossing something off of my life list - Learn How To Dance The Tango.

Yup, Iliana and I signed up at our local Parks and Rec office for this course and let me say - WOW. Nothing I can say can live up to the awesomeness of this class. Let me give you a little statistical lowdown.

Total people in class: 40
Women: 22
Men: 18
Over 50 years old: 85% of the class
Not Asian: Iliana, this girl Christa, a middle aged couple and moi.

Iliana's partner was 4'11", Iliana is 5'7"!!!! With her heels - he had a goood luck at the girls all night long. This was a particular conversation that transpired between them:

(After doing some outlandish moves, that are more for Salsa than Tango)
Mr 4-11: How much do you weigh?
Iliana: Um, why?
Mr 4-11: So I can pick you up?
Iliana: WHHHAAAATT?!?!?!
Mr 4-11: Like 120?
Iliana: I WISH!
And then while he would dance he would say "Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow" and then clap his heels together like Dorothy wishing to return to Kansas.
Meanwhile, Iliana was trying to overcome his unfortunate odor, that was a combination of garlic and b.o. (her words not mine!)

As for me, I lucked out in the partner department. I met Jerry - an asian man in his mid-40's who was rather light on his feet. And who would say "Snow, Snow, Kick, Kick, Snow!" as we moved along the dance floor doing the promenade and the fans; which Iliana and I will never EVER learn properly because our partners DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!

I wonder if Netflix has a How To Tango DVD...

BUT the best part....was when Iliana's partner ASKED HER OUT! Yes....


To a club to "practice their moves". I remember this same scenario in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I wonder if it would turn out the same way for Iliana and Mr 4-11. You know, end up kicking ass on a national televised dance-off against the mean rich girl. When does Paris get out of jail again?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like loads of fun!!
- kelena