Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting Back In The Saddle

Oh yeah - how easy it is to procrastinate with this thing. I swear, its not like my life has been quiet and I have nothing to write about...I just don't update it! Ok, enough of that bs - I'm just lazy.

Here is a quick recap before returning to our regularly scheduled program:

The Car Drama
So I'm driving my dad's car and other than the fact that it runs, its a vast improvement over my previous devil car. Why do you ask (or I'll pretend that you ask for narrative purposes)? Because the driver's side window works. Let me say that I never truly appreciated windows until these 2 weeks happened. I can get fresh air, I can do the "my arm is flying" trick while driving, and I can use the drive thru without shame! But the best part of this borrowed car is the fact that its a four door and Jake has the ability to roll down the window in the back. Reason being is that earlier this week, we were on the freeway coming home from work and school when I hear this scream, blood curdling scream as if he had gotten hurt. I look back and Jake is indeed crying his little heart out. I ask what happened and apparently his pencil (his favorite pencil of all time!) went flying out the window and he actually asked me to stop and go get it. I was trying to comfort him but quite frankly I could not stop laughing. I actually had to stop at 7-11 to buy him a slurpee to calm him down. The ease of bribing your child will never get old in my book.

George Clinton
A good friend (who is totally awesome and knows who he is and he knows that I think he's totally awesome) hooked me up with some tickets for the George Clinton concert a couple of weeks back at the Greek. Before going in, my friend and I made bets to see how many 1) white people were going to be there, 2) inappropriately dressed women were going to be there, 3) pimp suits were going to be seen, and 4) dancing that made us laugh out loud. I think we called off the bet before we even got inside. Moment of the night: when I rushed George Clinton and told him it was a great show - I would have gotten a picture but noooo, I forgot my camera. And by the way - why isnt this posted on YOUR blog...hmmmm?

Jacob and the Tooth Fairy
Since we last met up with Jacob and his trials of growing up, he has lost two of his bottom teeth. Let me say that doing the who Tooth Fairy routine really brings back memories of when I found out that the Tooth Fairy didn't exist. My brother can back me up on this one. I remember waking up and sticking my hand under my pillow looking for my dollar but there was nothing - no tooth, no dollar. The Tooth Fairy robbed me - the little bitch! So I did what any decent child would do...I screamed for my daddy. My dad runs in and I tell him what happened. He said that maybe I missed the dollar and it should be he helps me look for it. I look to my left to see my dad put his hand in his pocket, then I look to my right while he moves the money from one hand to the other and slips it in between my bed and the wall. In my memory, its still very slow-mo (and cuts to dramatic reaction shots along the way). I was disheartened to say that least. Back to my child and his moment of fantasy - he had put his tooth in a ziplock back and put the bag under his pillow. Before I went to bed, I put a dollar in a ziplock and switched out the bags. In the morning, he woke up and pulled out the bag with the dollar and had this look of just sheer joy...its no wonder parents keep this fantasy alive for so long because so help me I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture of his face that morning.

Oh Yeah, My Birthday
Earlier this week I had a birthday. Yay me. Birthdays have a tendency to have me re-evaluate everything and look at where I've been, where I am, and where I want to go. We'll see how this year turns out - so far, its looking good. I also kind of see birthdays like Christmas - I love the anticipation but when it actually gets there, its sort of a let down. I guess a part of me will always wish for Jake Ryan to show up in his little sports car and take me to his house where he has a birthday cake ready for me. Ahhh - fantasies that will never happen. But this birthday has been good - I have friends and family that care about me and I'm very lucky to have that. Another great thing about this birthday is that Jake "took" me to Disneyland to celebrate. Oh yes, that is another post. Stay tuned...

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