Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Joys of Public Transportation

This past week was a test of wills. My wills. My will to have the patience to take public transportation to and from work everyday because of my car debacle. Luckily, I had a good book to read and it made it all bearable.

Unfortunately, the only time I didnt have my book - all hell broke loose. On my way home on Thursday, I realize after I've gotten on the train that I had left my book at work. So I decide to just sit back and people watch. I really have to thank the 65 year old man who played his guitar badly and sang even worse to entertain me. I'd also like to thank the abnoxious 5 year old that kept trying to sit on my leg to talk to her mother. Not only was she going anywhere she felt like, but she was rude to people around her. I didnt feel all that bad when I "accidentally" stepped on her foot as I got out of my seat to get off the train. Life sucks kid, suck it up.

I had opted to take a new way home and it worked out pretty well. So well, that I opted to do the same thing into work. My goal was to jump on the bus to Pershing Square in Downtown LA then hop on the Red Line to my exit for work. Sounded simple right? RIGHT?!?!

The day before, the bus had picked me up at Olive and 5th. So I was waiting for Olive and 5th the next morning. But Olive and 5th never came. See, I didnt realize that on the way down, the bus goes on Grand and on the way back it comes up Olive. This information could have been helpful, especially when I ended up being kicked off at the end of the line near Staples Center.

Here is the thing - I wasnt lost. I knew exactly where I was. But for a split second, I felt hopeless. I dont know why, I just did - the thought of calling my dad actually crossed my mind even though I knew there was nothing he could do about it. The bus driver was kind enough to tell me to walk up one block to Olive and most of the buses would pass by Pershing Square. I knew from my Kings game experiences, that I could have just walked up a few streets and caught the Blue line to 7th/Metro station and switch to the Red Line. I mostly just felt stupid for not paying enough attention and putting the 2 and 2 together to get off at 5th and walk over a few blocks to the station. Being oblivious is something I hate being, I need to know and I need to do. If I dont, I figure it out, then I do. I ask a few bus drivers if they indeed passed by Pershing Square and I did get a few no's with the doors slamming in my face (nice). Finally, I got a live one. As I was trying to put my dollar in, I was telling the driver about my mistake. He got a good laugh out of it and let me ride for free to the station.

I doubt any this would have happened if I had had my book because I would have been so freaked out about missing it, I would have paid more attention. The upside to all this is that I was able to see LA in a new light. I had never seen the Disney Concert Hall as well as the MOCA. I never realized just how busy LA is in the morning. Not to mention how balanced life seems to be, with coffee shop owners having breakfast ready for their patrons to workers arriving at the jobs just in time. It was nice to see that side of LA and realizing why I really do love this city so much with the absent-minded harmony we have with one another. I may have to ride the public transportation a bit more.

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