Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reason #12 Why I Love My Kid

When I take Jake to school in the morning, he has a specific way he likes us to go that passes a dog park. He calls it Cahuenga/Dog Park and he announces this on the freeway because I prefer going another way thats a little faster. A part of this route goes over a little hill and if you hit it at the right speed, it simulates a roller coaster. You know, that drop in your stomach feeling? And so our conversation goes...

Jake: I really like that feeling in your tummy when we go over that hill.
Me: Really? Wow, looks like you are going to love roller coasters then.
Jake: Why's that?
Me: Because, thats the feeling that roller coasters give you.
Jake: Do you like roller coasters?
Me: Nope
Jake: Why not?
Me: I just don't like them.
Jake: Are you afraid of heights?
Me: Its not the height thing, but I am a little of afraid of heights too.
Jake: Geez, are you afraid of bunnies too?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He so punk'd you!! lol

I so have to meet your kid........