Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm a dumbass (again)

I manage to reiterate to the world that I can be a dumbass a few times yesterday, much to the enjoyment of my friend Iliana who was enjoying it way too much through IM as I sent her messages with updates of the situation.

Here is the story:
Last week, I needed to schedule a service call for the gas in my apartment. I received an email and I made a mental note that it was on Wednesday, Dec 13th. Tuesday morning I call my landlord and told him that I had made an appointment with the gas company and that if would let the service person into my apartment sometime between 9am - 12pm. Yay, great, no problem.

At about 12:30pm, I call the landlord and ask him if the gas man showed, the answer was NO. Well, those bastards! The landlord tells me that maybe he missed him and he'll go check to see if they left a note on my door. I told him not to bother that I'll call and reschedule for sometime next week. While on hold to talk to a representative, I pull up the email that confirmed my appointment. "We will be there on TUESDAY..." MOTHER EFFER!

Now - I realized that I missed my appointment, GREAT! So, about this time the representative answers the phone and asks how she can help me. I give her my details and tell her that I need to reschedule my service appointment. She said, "reschedule?" and I said, "yes" then I proceed to ramble on (like a dumbass) about how I missed the appointment because I thought it was today and I was too embarassed to tell my landlord that I had mistaken the day and would just like to reschedule. Then she says, "Ma'am, your appointment is for TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19th. Would you still like to reschedule?"

You know when you have one of those moments when you get this overwhelming urge to just get under the desk or disappear from the sheer horror of realizing that you are a dumbass? Yeah, that was me.

I moved it up a day to up to the chances of feeling that way again.

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