Thursday, December 14, 2006

Never A Dull Moment With That Boy

Every morning, Jake and I listen to KROQ on the drive to work and today was no exception. They were replaying some favorite moments and they were talking about their annual tradition of calling QVC and buying whatever is on the screen at that moment for Lisa May (Kevin and Bean's gal pal if you dont listen). In the past, Lisa May has received some crappy gifts and was hoping for something better this time around. They called QVC and asked the representative what the item on the screen was - turned out that it was a television worth over $4,000. Kevin and Bean were outraged and (obviously) didnt want to pay. They eventually folded and agreed to make the purchase. Turned out it was all a hoax put on by Lisa May and Ralph (another show cohort).

So after laughing hysterically, I asked Jake if he understood what happened and he said sort of.

So this is the conversation:

Me: "Ok, first do you know what QVC is?"
Jake: "No"
Me: "Its a channel on television that you can watch and they put different items on the screen that you can buy. When you see something you like, you call the number and buy it over the phone and then they deliver it."
Jake: "Really?"
Me: "Yes, really."
Jake: "What do they sell?"
Me: "Lots of stuff - clothes, jewelry..."
Jake: "Toys?"
Me: Yes, toys"
Jake then gets this grin on his face that he's had from the day he was born and I knew he was going to be trouble.
Me: "Jake, dont get any ideas."
Jake: "What? I didnt say anything."
Me: "I saw that look on your face. You were thinking about figuring out how to buy something huh"
Jake: "Well, yes."
Me: "And what did you want to buy?"
Jake: "Something expensive."

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