Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I know, I know, I KNOW!

I have totally sucked on keeping up with this damn thing.

Yes, I went on my trip and had a great time. I actually took some pictures this time! The funniest thing is that there was one part of the trip that will have its own post (someday) and because I'm not used to having my camera, I neglected to take it with me. But no worries, my eloquent word stylings will be enough for you.

In the mean time - here are some things for you to ponder:

1) How good was the Heroes fall finale?!?! huh, huh, huh Why is Peter getting sick? The Haitian spoke? Tinkerbell vs Sylar! Mohinder is still freaking hot.

2) Flatulence forces plane to land - yes I laugh everytime I hear this story.

3) Oy! Vince Vaughn! I'm sorry but if you are going have a fling do it with someone who is not going to email her sorority.

4) 24! 24! 24!

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