Sunday, July 15, 2007


On Friday, I embarked on a journey.

Destination: Las Vegas
Mission: To See Michael Buble' In Concert

I have to admit some roadblocks that were laid out for my mission.
1) I was supposed to get tickets for his show in August at the Greek Theater, but the show sold out so fast, I wasn't able to buy any.
2) My devil car was getting a little work done and I actually didn't get it back until the night before I left town.
3) I wont lie - I was broke.

Friday morning, I pack the car with the kid and all of my stuff (including some laundry I could do there) to head to my brother's abode in beautiful and hot as hell Las Vegas. Between Baker and Stateline, I notice that my oil light has turned on. Hmmm...last time it did this - it had no oil. But I had JUST gotten it checked out - what was my devil car up to? I kept an eye on the oil light and realized that it wasn't just turning on to say hi -but something was up. So I turn off onto one of those exits that has a scary gas station where you feel you wont survive if crack a bad joke. We get out of the car and sure enough - I have a leak. I check the oil and it seems fine, but I put another quart in just in case and hop back on the freeway because Jake had already started the "Are we there yet?" routine about 20 minutes before. It was a godsend to see Stateline so I can finally say "YES! We are in Nevada!".

I get to my brother's house and we are waiting for my parents to arrive to eat. Finally they arrive and the weekend festivities begin. The next day, my cell decides to randomly call numbers. Like the phone is possessed or something - its closed and sitting on the floor when BAM, it starts calling a number. I take out the battery, the sim card, and even give it a few whacks for good luck and to no avail. The phone is inoperable. The only thing that works on the phone is the on/off button. Which, by the way, doesn't matter that the phone is completely turned off because my cell phone alarm still went off and now that I'm typing this, I think I'm going to take it to the church tomorrow to have it exorcised.

So Saturday night rolls around and my wonderful sister in law and I head to the concert at the MGM Grand. Now - I know that I am not the most punctual person. But there are a few times in my life where I want to be where I need to be at the precise time my ticket says to be. Most of those are hockey games, especially when Canadian teams are in town so I can hear their national anthem, but that is neither here nor there.

The show starts at 8pm. We arrive at the (packed) parking lot at 7:50pm. My sister in law can see that this is giving me some sort of tick and drops me off at the entrance of the arena at 7:58pm after circling the lot a few times with no success. I grab my ticket and run into the arena. Luckily there is an opening act, Jann Arden who was fabulous and funny as hell. But because I dont have my cell phone - I cannot call and tell Missy that she had time. Oh and did I forget to mention that my camera's battery died? Um yeah....

So Missy shows up right when Jann Arden is wrapping up and we have a few minutes to gather ourselves before the performance.

Now - let me say that I am not one of those ladies that will scream and swoon over a singer or actor. The last time I got all starry eyed was when I met Donnie "I was in New Kids On The Block" Wahlberg about 6 years ago at Universal Studios. And by starry eyed, I mean when I got in front of coworkers that knew who he was I actually did the clapping and jumping up and down thing and shrieked "OH MY GOD! I JUST SAW DONNIE WALBERG FROM NKOTB!" Nowadays, I will stalk quietly and subtly but I will keep it together for appearances sake. And you bet your ass that I will text everyone that I feel my sighting will have the same giddy response to it.

But then...then came Michael Buble'. Michael Buble' is in one word DREAMY. He's handsome. He sings. I learned that night that he's funny in a campy sort of way. And any man that refers to anything, especially himself, as fantabulous, cannot be bad in my book. This video is from a concert he performed and I can tell you that he had just finished running through the audience.

The concert was so awesome! I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had laughing at his jokes and singing along to his songs. One of my favorite bits of the night was when he got offended that after his band played without him singing, everyone cheered really loud. He stood there and would stop singing and kept saying "But I'm the star! How can you cheer louder for them?" and then stormed off stage, throwing the microphone on the stage and everything. One of the trombone players got up and apologized for the "Buble' Diva" and proceeded to sing in his place because the show must go on! Of course Michael came back and the show continued. You can tell he was having a great time on stage and he is one hell of a performer. I may have to suck it up and buy a ticket to see him in LA next month.

And yes - I did go apeshit at the end of the show and started screaming for Michael to do the encore. I freely admit it!

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