Thursday, July 12, 2007



This may not be a big deal to anyone not on our team but this was our very first win of the season. It went down in dramatic fashion no less - tied going into the top of the ninth inning. The opposing team scores three runs and we finally get them out to have our shot.

Vim - pops out
Rosemary - Walks
David - Single
Burhan - Single
Will - Lines Out

Bases loaded - 2 outs...Evan up to the plate - he has hit 2 homeruns in this game alone.

Evan - Doubles up the center

Two Runs score! We are down by one with the winning run on second base.

Adam up to bat....hits a loop past first - Burhan scores from third...they mishandle the throw, Adam is safe at first! Meanwhile, Evan is running from second base to score and sweet jesus we win!!! When I say that we jumped up like little kids and ran, yes, RAN into the field to celebrate - I am not exaggerating.

We looked like this:

I swear I was so happy, I nearly cried. I even called Jacob who was with his dad and told you know what he said, "FINALLY!" No respect, even from the kid.

Who cares - WE WON!!! Two more games left and we play this team one more time. YAY!!!

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