Saturday, April 26, 2008


So Jake and I just met Michael Cammalleri at LAX after we checked in for our flight. I have to admit that I think I came across as an idiot in the instance.

Here it comes...
Me: Jake I think thats Cammy!
Jake: Who?
Me: Michael Cammalleri from the Kings
Jake: Really?
Me: Yeah - go up to him and say hi.
Jake: Uhhhh (surprisingly enough my kid can get shy REALLY quick)
Me: Come on man! You gotta take the chances when you get them!
Jake: Ok! Ok!

So we kind of stand in front of him and he looks up from his luggage. And I'm just standing there because I'm waiting for Jake to say something but, he doesn't say anything. Now I realize that Jake isnt saying anything and I have ot scramble to save at least a little face.

Me: I'm sorry to bother you, but you are Michael Cammalleri right?
Cammy: Yes I am.
Jake: Cool!
Me (to Jake): I told you!
Jake: Hi Cammy!
Cammy: Hi! Whats your name?
Jake: Jacob
Cammy: Are you a big hockey fan?
Jake: Yeah
Cammy: Cool!

At this point some airline person came over to ask him about something and so we were just standing there. And yes, it was one of those awkward surreal moments that a part of me just wanted to say "Ok, just wanted to see if it was actually you - Thanks!" And thats kind of what I did.

Cammy: Sorry about that.
Me: No worries, just wanted to say hi. Have a safe trip!
Cammy: Thanks you too. Bye Jacob!
Me: Bye!!

All and all pretty good - other than the fact that I looked like a complete bum. The funniest thing is that I left my camera at home so I couldn't go that extra mile to ask for a picture. Although I believe he's at the next gate, I may run over there to use the webcam on the laptop.

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