Monday, April 21, 2008

The Joy of Spring

Since its getting kind of warm out here in LA-LA Land...I've been leaving my front door open during the day. On Saturday, as I was watching something insignificant on tv and chatting it up with a friend online I see something curious on the other side of the screen. At first, I don't know what to make of it. I mean, I know what is going on but in my mind - it honestly doesn't register.
Could it be? Could two birds be having sex right outside my apartment?

If I had any sense (and many of you know that its a toss up) I would have turned on the webcam and started recording on the computer - but did I? Nope. I was too busy wondering - is that really how birds have sex? It was one of the oddest moments ever. EVER.

This is pretty much how it went:

What bothers me a little bit more about this - is that I actually Googled "Bird Sex" and looked at different videos about birds having sex until I found a one that I actually liked enough to post.

I should have written my review for Michael Clayton instead.

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Scott said...

you saw that movie?