Saturday, August 09, 2008



I just finished watching the Opening Ceremony. As an overall review it was amazing and I mean - AMAZING! I was pretty much speechless throughout most of the ceremony but, there are a few things that I want to point out.

1) The drummers at the beginning - HOLY SHIT! I was riveted...just riveted!

2) The moving boxes - I kept wondering if it was mechanical or human creating the movement.

3) How many effing countries are there in this world? I was tivoing the ceremony so I couldnt change the channel and I didnt want to watch something else because I didnt want to miss anything. The order of the countries seemed random because the countries were entering based on the number of strokes in the characters of their names in Mandarin. By the way - there were 204 countries.

4) I have to find a screenshot of when President Bush was checking his watch during the ceremony - that was classic!

5) There was a little boy walking with Yao Ming who survived the earthquake and went back to save a couple of his classmates after he was rescued because "he was a safety monitor and it was his job". I think it got a little dusty in here... Side note: how tiny does this 9 year old seem next to Yao? Makes me giggle everytime I see this picture.

6) The lighting of the Olympic flame at the stadium. WOWIE. I thought it was going to be hard to match the OMGness of Barcelona's lighting of the flame:

BUT...this one was quite unexpected and really did keep up with what was presented in the rest of the program. I'm not adding anything more because I don't want to rob the experience away from anyone. So you should go watch it yourselves.

On top of all that, I was enjoing some running commentary over on Yahoo!'s sport blog called "Fourth Place Medal". Seriously - its how I survived the 204 country parade.

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