Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Father, The Hero

Last year, I bought a couch from Levitz - an experience a part of me felt I would forget and only remember with warm memories because of the new piece of furniture I received.

A few months ago, I noticed to notice that one part of the couch felt differently from the other. I thought I was only me until Kostas started making comments about it too. Because Levitz furniture filed for bankruptcy about 6 months ago - my warranty went out the window. Honestly, I have just come to accept that this is how it is and will buy a new couch sometime next year.

Enter my father.

If you don't know my father - the man can fix ANYTHING and in the most creative ways ever. We have this little game we play, when something breaks in my apartment I pretend to fix it or pretend to not have a solution and TA-DA instant handyman. The man even brings me extra tools so he has them here to fix things. Through the course of some conversation, I make a comment about the broken couch.

At this moment, he has the couch on its side with pieces all over my living room floor claiming victory in finding the root of the problem.

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