Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Angry Worded Response To A Customer Service Survey

This is an actual response that I sent to Levitz. The reason I was asked for my feedback was that I had ordered a couch and I finally had it delivered this past Sunday. Lets not mention that I had ordered it at the end of October. After getting the delivery moved around because of a back order issue, the couch was in my sights when I received an email a week ago that I was receiving the couch on Sunday. I got a call on Wednesday confirming my delivery date and that I was going to get a call on Saturday to firm up the 3 hour window for the actual delivery. Around 4:30pm on Saturday, I realized I never got a call and luckily, I had the phone number in my cell to be able to call and find out what time they were coming.

Here is my response in the "Do you have any comments or issues regarding this delivery?" portion of the survey that I was sent on Monday night.

First of all, I never got a call about my delivery window. I had to call the warehouse to get that information. Additionally, I received an email on Monday regarding my delivery time on Sunday. What good is that going to do me when the delivery supposedly already happened? Secondly, my delivery time was for 1-4pm. At 4:15pm, I called the customer service line to find out why my couch had not been delivered. They told me that I would receive a call in no more than 15 minutes to get an update on my delivery. At 4:45pm, I called again because I had not heard anything from the warehouse. In about 5 minutes, I did receive a call from a very nice young lady (I'm sorry, I dont know her name) who told me that I had to wait 45 more minutes for my couch to be delivered. I was very upset that my whole Sunday had to be put to waiting around for my couch to be delivered. Whoever called me that last time (well, actually only time) was extremely polite and apologetic. She offered to waive the delivery price for the next day but I was not going to wait yet another day for a couch that I had received about 4 emails changing the delivery date. She also offered to refund my delivery charge, but I had received free delivery at the time of my purchase.

I can understand that delays happen - but 2 hours past my 3 hour window is completely unacceptible. As a customer, I would have truly appreciated a phone call from the warehouse telling me that the driver was delayed and given me a more detailed time of arrival. I was told that you offer the option of getting a phone call 30 minutes - 1 hour before the arrival of the delivery truck. However, your company failed to complete your end of the bargain by arriving during the window that you gave me. As soon as a delivery driver can see that they are not going to be able to fulfill their promise, then someone in the warehouse should call the customer and let them know in case they have a prior engagement after the time window given.

I figured I had gotten all of my anger out and then they asked me if I had any additional comments...well I guess I did.

I'm just very frustrated that I had to basically waste an entire Sunday to receive my couch. The driver never really apologized for being late. They just came in, saw where it needed to be set up, dropped it off, and left after I signed for the item. I wasnt treated with disrespect, but I was really upset and didn't want to take my anger out on the driver because I don't specifically know the reasons for him being late.

I understand that your company makes hundreds of deliveries a day and I'm sure the horrible experience of one customer may not amount to much. But as of right now, I will not be shopping at Levitz again and encouranging my friends and family to do the same because of this experience.

And yes, I realize now that I misspelled unacceptable and encouraging.

And in case you are curious, this is the reason for all the hooplah:

Isn't it pretty?!?!?!

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