Friday, June 02, 2006

Another Metro Adventure

Question: What do you do when someone has a seizure on your metro train?

Answer: Dont ask the driver for help - they dont seem to care.

Yes folks, that was my morning.

Through some very interesting turn of events, I found myself on the Gold Line train were right before the Highland station one of patrons (who was sitting behind me no less) had a seizure. The train was pretty packed when we hear a *THUMP*. Turn around and find this lady just (laid? layed? lain? laying?) face first on the floor - almost spread eagle. Lets take a moment for a quick description - about 5'7", 180 pounds, dress, knee brace. See, now the spread eagle thing isnt all that interesting, huh.

Anyhoo - so this is when the cool headed people and the panickers came into play. Two people rush the emergency call button on the train (we were sitting in the train where the driver was in). One lady just started banging on the door asking the driver to stop the train. Another lady (sitting in front of me) was screaming (no lie, SCREAMING) "STOP THE TRAIN!! SHE'S OUT! STOP THE TRAIN!!!" Someone standing right next to her, checked if she was breathing (she was) and then went through her purse to see if she had some medical ID card/bracelet to see if she was epileptic. Because now, not only was she face down, she was also twitching. So first aid kicked in, and we left her alone to have her seizure. Screaming lady was still screaming - but she switched to "STOP THE TRAIN! SHE'S HAVING A SEIZURE! STOP THE TRAIN!" I got fed up with her and told her that he probably needed to get to a station so the ambulance would be able to access the train. That shut her up.

So the lady wakes up, totally disoriented, and we are asking her if she's ok, if she's diabetic, history of seizures, things like that. By this time, the train is pulling into the station and the driver comes out. She's standing up and looking at him as if she has seen Jesus himself (and no, he didnt look like Jesus). So he goes into it...

Driver: Are you ok ma'am?
Seizure Lady: Uh huh
Driver: Are you sure?
Seizure Lady: (blank stare)
Driver: Do you speak Spanish?
Seizure Lady: (Shakes head with blank stare)
Driver: Do you speak English?
Seizure Lady: (Nods head with blank stare)
Driver: Why dont you have a seat?
Seizure Lady sits
Driver: Are you ok?
Seizure Lady: (nodding with blank stare) uh huh
Driver: She seems ok...

About 15 people on the train (including me): She's not ok! Call an ambulance!!!

Driver pondering it (I swear)

Coolheaded guy that went through her purse (whom I found out later worked in City Hall): You know, it would probably be in MTA's best interest to call - you know, liability wise.

Driver: I'll call for help.

About this time, everyone grabs their cell phones and start calling work, friends, spouses, whatever to tell them that "Some lady had a seizure on the metro train". Poor lady was still totally disoriented - like she was wobbling in her seat disoriented.

About 5 minutes later, the Sheriff's show up and we are asked to get off the train and catch the next one.

And yes - I called work, and texted like 3 or 4 people.

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