Thursday, June 22, 2006

I know...I know

Yes, I have lacked in the posting dept. I have been busy at work (my #1 place to post) and at home (the alternate).

Work has been crazy busy. Three people left the company (2 by choice, 1 not) in one week and we hired 3 the following week - so I've been rather preoccupied with that. Not to mention, my 2nd job as the facilities person has gotten a new project to deal with and well - yours truly is actually starting to lose her mind. In addition, the brand new soda machine I got for the office has broken down 3 times in 2 weeks. I swear, if one more person makes a wisecrack about it, I will tell them EXACTLY where they can put that soda.

Its my blog - I do get to rant - did you check the address? Ok, I'm done.

So that covers work - now on to home.

I'm still adjusting to the Jakeman being here. You would ask yourself "Why would she need to adjust? She should just be able to tell him what to do and be done with it" A-HA! You havent met my kid. One day I let him stay home from school because he made such a great argument about not going (including bullies, the lack of time he and I spend together, and the fact that I break his heart anytime I leave him there - no not kidding). I couldnt counter with anything - he had me. Figured he had earned one and let him play hooky that one day. Yeah, school has been a rather hard adjustment for the lad. I try to make it as enjoyable as possible but bottom line is that he doesnt want to be there, he wants to be at home with me...kicking my ass at UNO. But each day is easier - for me mind you - to drop and run.

The 1st day he stayed relatively fine - a little whimpering since he was caught off guard with the move but fine nonetheless.

The 2nd day - the teacher had to literally rip him out of my arms and unhook his legs that were wrapped around my waist. I cried for about 10 minutes in the car thinking that I was a horrible mother because I allowed him to feel like that. I called the school later on and they said he was having a good time (Im sure they say that to everyone)

The 3rd day - ditch day (just as much for him as it was for me)

The 4th day - He stayed talking to a little boy about the movie CARS - but he did this whimpering lip thing he does...DAMN HIM, here comes the guilt again. When I picked him up, he said it was "his best day ever!" Guilt Gone.

The 5th day - teacher had to hold him while he cried in her arms for me, walked out with a twinge of guilt. Picked him up "I'm so glad I gave school a chance! I love it here!"

The 6th day - wrapped around my legs crying - pushed him towards the teacher and skipped outside (ok, maybe not pushed, but I did skip a little to my car)

So everyday is about the same thing - crying in the morning and pretty happy in the afternoon. I just have to get used it and not fall for the tricks. But he's getting smarter about it, that I knew he's doing the guilt thing so I wont leave him at the school. So now, he's starting his crying and pleading in the car. When that didnt work, he does it at home and refuses to get dressed.

Man - this is going to be fun!


huh? said...

hrmmmm so if I do the little whimpering lip thing would I get some more spaghetti? Please? Pretty please?

PS I'm eating spaghettios and some of them look like boobies.

ayatollah charmainey said...

yikes. hang in there missy