Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Trying To Make A Good First Impression

Today was the Jakeman's first day in his new school. Wow time flies. I have been dealing with the big change for a while that it almost seemed as if it was never going to happen. But low and behold here we are.

I got up early and was all up for making lunch for Jake's first day. The ole traditional sack lunch. So there I was at 630am making my kid's lunch for school.

Ham and Cheese sandwich - CHECK
Bag of Chips - CHECK
A bag of apple slices - CHECK
Some cookies - CHECK
Some crackers - CHECK
A bottle of water - CHECK
A brown bag - ....

A brown bag - ...?

DAMN! I had no brown bag! My illusion was dying rather quickly. Then I remembered that my friend had brought some wine bottles for dinner last week and the wine was in a brown bag. So yeah! I found a brown bag! But it was quite evident that it was a liquor bag. Then I felt like the teacher would think that I was an alkie because I sent my kid's lunch in a freaking liquor bag and not a regular brown paper bag.

So I did what any paranoid parent would do.

I cut the bag.

Yup, I cut the bag down to a more respectable size.

I dropped him of and he really seemed to like the new school. As I walked out, he was introducing himself to some of the kids. I called the school later that morning to check up on him.

Me: Hi! This is Jacob's mom. Just wondering how Jacob is adjusting
Teacher: Oh, he's doing fine. Adjusting really well.
Me: Great! I was a bit concerned, because Jacob can be a bit of a smart ass.
Teacher: Yes, we've noticed.

HOLY CRAP! Two hours in?!?!?! Must be a new record. Maybe I shouldnt be the only one worried.

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mother's son.