Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What happened to the PROTECT part or Fine Anna - Are You Happy Now?

Last night - I saw a police officer in his vehicle hit a guy on a bicycle. No, I'm not kidding and no, I didn't stop. Lets just say that I had a vision that Vic Mackey was the one that hit the guy and I just wasnt interested in getting involved. I've been watching way too much The Shield.

Back to the story, I was driving to go pick up the Jakeman (real reason I wasnt stopping) and while driving down the road, I saw a cop car pulling out of a driveway - so immediately slowed down. Then I saw what looked like trash go flying up into the air. I was hoping that the cop would get out of his car and pick up the trash - then I realized that the paper that went flying, was not paper, but this guys leg. And the trash can wasnt a trash can but his bike.

First thing I did was call Anna, because she was sure as shit going to be in shock about this as I was.

I'm sure the guy was fine...I saw the cop get out and check on him.

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