Friday, August 25, 2006

The Joys Of Parenthood

This morning things were rough in the Jake/Melissa household. The Jakeman was not feeling up to par in the plumbing department and he was finding it hard to evacuate (if you catch my drift).

As a mother, there are times when you do things that you child asks you to do them and you do them because 1) they ask and 2) it will make them feel better. But when someone asks you what happened, you feel like you can’t tell the story because they won’t understand. Parents will but non-parents wont (and by non-parents I mean people that dont usually deal with kids).

They don’t get that waking up covered in pee is just something that happens when your kid has an accident, they think it’s gross. As parents, we’ve come to just get up, take a shower and move on. Non-parents don’t get that having a kid throw up in your hands is just what happens when they don’t have time to make it to the toilet or trash can. Parents just catch as much of it as they can while running to the house to a trash can, sink or toilet, all the while comforting their child by trying to comfort them with their shoulder. Non parents also think that this is gross.

But this morning, while I was trying to comfort Jake in his time of need, the old non-parent Melissa tried to point out the weirdness of the moment. (I feel that years from now, Jake is going to be mad at me for posting this)

He couldn’t go. It was “stuck” and the poor boy was crying. He kept asking me if it was going to stop hurting and I was trying to explain that this happens to everyone and that you just have to ride it out. Then he asked me to look to see if it was coming out. And I did. I could see it. And I told him so. And he sort of felt better but he was still crying. It finally came out. And all was well and he wanted an explanation how the digestive system worked. So I explained it to him and also told him that eating certain foods would help. But I was still in shock of what had happened. To him, it was just par for the course. For me, it was one step more into the deep dark realm of parenthood.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear GOD! I about pee'd in my pants reading this...I love Jacob and all his silly questions but I love the way his Mommy tends to do the "gross" things us "non-parents" would NEVER-EVER dream of doing...Remind me later to tell you a story of poopy boy at an amusement park. Parenthood here I come!!