Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updates and News and Stuff

Life just keeps on truckin’ doesn’t it?

Captain Tivo was in town last week and oh what fun was had. Even though he lived in Cali for a bit he never got to really experience LA much less, MY LA.

Quick recap of events:
1) Medieval Times
2) Universal Studios
3) Tokyo Delve’s
4) Stinking Rose
5) Howl At The Moon (where SOMEONE nearly re-enacted a scene from the Fabulous Baker Boys)

Fun had by all.

Last night – something so funny happened to Jacob and me that we were both speechless. And if you know us, this is NOT an easy feat! Jake and I made up some characters for some continuing adventures that are told as bedtime stories. These superhero-ish characters are Captain Underpants, Booger Boy, Fartman, and someone else who escapes me at the moment. Well we make up stupid problems, like no spaghetti in the world and they have to use their super powers to fight the evil doers. Captain Underpants throws underwear, Booger Boy throws boogers and Fartman – well you know.

So Jake and I are at Borders killing time until our movie started (Ant Bully is sooo funny, highly recommended). We were in the kids section looking for new books for us to read at night. I wanted to graduate from the books you can read in one sitting to books with chapters so we can put them down and continue the next night and so on. We were searching when we find something so amazing that I can only post the picture to share.


You bet your ass I bought the books and so far, into book 1 (out of 8), its pretty damn funny. I might have to do updates on the adventures of Captain Underpants. I swear I didnt know this existed.

Finally going to get to go home and relax tonight. Been out and about too much (although not as much as Scotty poo!).

Finished reading my July book - The Lovely Bones. Such a great book, very well written but the ending didnt really fly with me. Heard they were making a movie out of it with Dakota Fanning as Susie. Hmmm.

Movie review from the weekend - CRASH. Yup finally saw it. Pretty good, was rather riveted.

Crossing something from the NEVER HAVE DONE list - going to see the X Games live on Friday night. Rather excited about that!!!

Peace out homies see Scott and Anna...I posted!

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