Monday, August 07, 2006

X-Games XII

Friday night I took my favorite man to Staples to see something we had never seen before. X-Games in person. I had always been curious about going to an X-games and finally that cat was getting killed.

By far my favorite aspect of the X-Games are the Moto X competition and we ended up watching the Moto X Best Trick competition that night. Let me say WOW - if you think that its impressive watching it on tv, you should really go in person. Scotty poo was there as well and my kid that the pleasure, no dare I say honor of meeting him that night for the first time.

Most memorable part of the night was when Travis Pastrana did his now infamous double backflip on the motorbike. Here is a video that Scott took with his phone.

Whats funny about this whole thing is that they kept playing it up, that Pastrana was going to do the backflip. I thought it was boloney and texted Scott telling him so, but I'll be damned if the guy didnt go out there and spin his little ass off on that bike.

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Anonymous said...

that is the coolest video i have ever seen.