Saturday, August 26, 2006

Neltflix Rules, Blockbuster Sucks

Last night I had the urge to watch Pretty Woman and Beaches with my cousins, so I headed to Blockbuster to rent them. I have Netflix, but the downfall of it, is that it takes planning to use Netflix. Well, my friends, there are times in my life when I like to be wild and get any the movie my pretty little heart desires to watch. So thus my trip to Blockbuster. I cannot understand for the life of my why the hell I dont own these two "chick flicks" but I dont. That is a problem to be dealt with another day.

So after finally finding a parking spot after circling the lot twice (on a Friday, I dont know what is sadder, that all those people were at the Blockbuster or I was there with them) and waiting in a line for 20 minutes to check out, I realized that I had to reopen my account with Blockbuster because mine is in Ridgecrest. So I'm ready to go and the lady asks for my credit card and picture ID. I had her my debit card and my picture ID. She asks for credit card and I tell her I dont have one. Then she gives me this look like I dont have a freaking car in LA. And she said "YOU dont have a credit card?!?!" Damn, get on the surround system and announce it why dont you. No, thank you, I dont have a credit card, I like owning all my shit. So I ask if she can use the debit card and she said no but if my car is registered in my name I can use that.


If you dont have a credit card, you have to use your CAR REGISTRATION in order to rent a $3.99 movie at Blockbuster?

After I let out a GAFFAW, I walked out.

I love Netflix, I'll happily plan my dvd viewing from now on and if I have an impulse to watch something, I'll buy it. Its an investment dammit.

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Anonymous said...

Mel, don't feel bad...I use my sisters Blockbuster cards because I refuse to give them this kind of info!! I had actually stopped using Blockbuster but my work requires that I "rent" movies for the kids. The good thing--I have started a collection of my own DVDS for this very reason! It's great!!