Monday, September 25, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Its time to gather with your fellow man and cheer for those loveable underdogs – your LOS ANGELES KINGS!!

Frozen Fury, the annual game that occurs in Las Vegas where the Kings host some team itching to see strippers and gamble their pension away is the official start of the NHL season. This weekend marked that game and tonight, the Jakeman and I are going to see the Kings host the Ducks at Staples. I can already smell the ice and hear the bodies being thrown into the boards.


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Anna said...

FF was freakin' awesome kids. Got teeth marks on my arm, a bruise on my knee, saw Craig Conroy during dinner, I'm as smooth as a baby's ASS. Good times man, good times.

The game was boring as tell until the 3rd. I'm loving that the Kings, well, in the past 2 games can come back from being behind in 3 goals and still win the damn game.

Damn... how do I post the pic of a Trany we found at MGM?????