Saturday, September 30, 2006

Never send a 4 yr old to do a 30 yr old's job

Yesterday, Jake's one task at school (other than learn) was to find out what his friend (or "girlfriend") Skye likes. Today is her birthday party and we got invited. I told him "Jake, ask Skye if she was going to get a present, what kind of things would she like to get."

I've ask him this once before - when it was time for his classmate's Julian's birthday party rolled around as well. I asked him, "What does Julian like?" "I dunno" was the response. So I called the numver on the invition to ask his father. As soon as the words came out of my mouth "What kinds of things does Julian like?" both his father and Jake say "CARS". Damn you boy!

Back to Skye - I pick him up from school and ask "Ok, Jake, what did you find out" He says, "I got it!" (Very triumphantly, by the way) "She cream."

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mr_g said...

Carnac sees a gift card in your future!