Friday, October 13, 2006

Its Been A While....

Yup, that it has been. Anna was kind enough to remind me this morning via IM that I havent updated this for a while. I keep forgetting this entertains her at her paperless company.

Things that have happened since I last blogged:

El Paso - YEEHAW!
Went to El Paso for a wedding where the following things occured:
  1. My son was bribed to be a Cowboys fan and when the truth came out that he was NOT a fan, he was asked to return the money. He refused...thats my boy!
  2. El Paso is more wetback than white trash - I'm just sayin'
  3. Actually, I liked El Paso a lot more than I thought I would...and its a military town! You know how much I love my military men.
  4. Outdoor weddings = Drama + Rain
  5. Actually the wedding was really nice and my hot date the Jakeman and I had an awesome time. Although he did abandon me during the dancing portion to hang out with his new buddy Victor, the maid of honor's husband.
  6. $25 for a pedicure?!?!?! Its like Atlanta all over again.
  7. I had to keep reminding the bride's father NOT to try to fix me up with his friends.

Popped Derry's Cherry

That sounds so dirty compared to the truth, but its ok. I took my coworker Derry to the Kings/Dallas game last night, and it was his first hockey game. He freaking loved it! Ok, maybe he didnt love it because the Kings got their asses kicked 4-1 and played horribly, its like they were too tired to play. Bastards. But he did have a lot of fun and we had this Australian tourist and his son sitting behind us. He struck up a conversation with us during the 2nd intermission and wouldnt stop talking. He was nice though, found out that they had gone to Disneyland, then planning to go to Vegas, then back to San Diego to see "the famous whale". I suggested he go see Hoover Dam while he was in Vegas and Derry couldnt believe I was sending someone sightseeing while they were in Vegas. Geez, all that visiting my brother has rubbed off on me, I dont even go to the casinos anymore - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?

At then of the game he said, "Did everyone give up?" and we looked at him, in a perplexed way, and I said "Well, yeah, the game is over". And he thought there were four periods and not three. What's funnier about that is that even the teams were celebrating on the ice and he thought it was break. Good times, good times.

Madness in Hollywood and at McDonald's

Yesterday, I actually took a break from working and went to 7-11 with the famed Rozanne to get a slurpee. On the way there, a lady was driving backwards on Sunset (why do we elicit this behavior?); a tranny stopped in the middle of the road, some guy got into the car to drive and instead of the tranny going into the passenger seat, she/he gets in the driver seat and climbs over - sticking his/her ass out of the window to sit down; an older Mexican lady carrying a box of cans (in my memory, I like to to think they were cans of frijoles) trying to catch the bus then realizing its not her bus. All in a matter of like 5 minutes.

This morning, I took Jacob to McD's for a pankcake breakfast. Let me state, I dont care what anyone says, those are damn good pancakes. The lady behind the counter just could not get it together. Its like training day or something. She didnt know where the Apple Juice button was, she didnt know where the Hot Tea button was, she forgot my #2 combo. And she was frazzled...dude it was a #2 with hot tea, pancakes no sausage, and an apple juice. Geez. MADNESS I TELL YOU!

Other than that...I got my dad hooked on Heroes, watched Grey's Anatomy and I cant believe McSteamy and $8.7 million?!??!

Coming up in Melissa's life: Got a few shows to watch this weekend, get my Halloween costume in order, go to a birthday party, laundry, clean the apartment AND finish season 3 of The Shield, I need to get that back to Netflix.

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mr_g said...

Been to El Paso 1994 while driving to Florida by myself. I figured I'd stop, "...out in the west Texas town of El Paso". I got to the mall on the hill and found there was no "Rose's Cantina" - from the old Marty Robbins song - bummer, I wanted a shirt! It blew me away how close it actually is to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

And only in LA could a story begin with "...a tranny was driving..." and need no further explanation.