Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Airing The Dirty Laundry

Over the weekend, I moved to a bigger apartment in my building. And so last night, Jake and I went to Target to buy him a laundry hamper for his room. After walking around for about 45 minutes, it was time to head out and we headed to the registers. We go to the first open one and low and behold the person manning the register is this guy that has always been super friendly with Jake. I know this because, well I pay attention to strangers that talk to my kid.

Mind you, anytime I end up at this cashier, they end up talking as if they have been friends for YEARS and I just end up standing there like an idiot who is only there to pay for the items that are being purchased.

Man (a guy in his late 20's): Its you! My little friend!
Jake: Yes! Its me! How are you?
Man: I'm fine - and you?
Jake: Good - we just came in to buy me a hamper - we moved and I need one for my room.
Man: Wow - do you like your new place?
Jake: Its good - I like it. We have to set up my tv and thats why I we are also getting a universal remote because my mom needs to program it.
Man: Thats cool. You know - when I have a son, I wish that he is like you; smart, funny, sweet, outgoing.
Me: Do you know what sweet means Jake? Its like when you offer to make me tea when I'm not feeling well. Thats a sweet and considerate thing to do.
Jake: Oh yeah! Yes, I'm sweet.

So now I'm getting ready to pay and get out of there. I think its funny that Jake makes these friends and I'm proud how he handles the conversations. Then...the tide turns....

Man: So is your dad going to help you set up your room and stuff?
Jake: No
Me (thinking): CRAP
Man: Oh really? Why not?
Jake: Because he doesn't live with us.
Me (thinking): DOUBLE CRAP
Man: Oh?
Jake: Yeah, he lives in Torrance and we live here...
Me(thinking): SHIT!
Man: Oh, I'm sorry

Then the guy looks at me all sympathetic. So this guy probably thought that Jake's dad and I JUST broke up because of the whole "we got a new apartment" conversation.

Jake: (Sighs) Its ok.
Me: Ok, thanks for your help! Time to go Jake.
Man: Have a good one.
Jake: Bye!!! See you later!

Now, I'm not one to get embarassed but that one caught me off guard.

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