Tuesday, October 09, 2007

So Close...I Could Feel The Body Checks

HOCKEY SEASON IS BACK!! And to celebrate, Jake and I went to the Kings home opener on Saturday night. Boy...what a night!

I was really excited about these seats I had scored for the game. They were two 2 rows from the glass! Look at that view!
Now - not only was that view awesome...but when I looked to my right - lookie lookie who I see...but Peter Petrelli (aka Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes) and yes, he is that pretty in person - sigh.
So yeah, needless to say, I kept looking over at him. And then the game really started getting good and Jake ended up making a friend - Nick.
Since they have already experienced the power of the body checks up close once before, they learned their lessons. Jake bolts early and runs away seconds before Nick does the same thing when a puck is getting sent down the ice towards them. I felt bad that I laughed as hard as I did when they got the bejesus scared out of them when two players crashed into one another in front of them. But as you all know, I got over it rather quickly and decided to take pictures for the blog.
Nick and Jake not only bonded over hockey, but also over Pokemon cards. Let me state that this was going on DURING the game. Yes, I had the shame.
During the 1st Intermission, I had noticed this blonde on the left. I knew her...I just couldnt get the name out. Then I realized that it was Luc Robitaille's wife, Stacia. Kind of sad I know that, but I do.
The next intermission rolls around and Luc is back by the ice hanging out with his son. So I take my shot and scream, "Luuuc!", he looks over and I ask him for a picture. And low and behold, he comes over and meets Jake and Nick and takes a picture with them.
As you can tell by Jake's face, this was quite the highlight of the night! What cracked me up is that Jake heard me call Luc over and when he realized that Luc was indeed going to take a picture with them, he basically threw the Pokemon cards at me and had this look on his face like "Don't let him catch me with these!".
Another interesting development during the 2nd intermission was that Hayden Pentenierre (aka Claire from Heroes) shows up. If you aren't up with the celebrity rumors, they are "allegedly" dating. And from what I saw that night - they totally are.

Quite the night, I must say. The next day I decided to check out the pictures from the game and low and behold, I found an interesting one. Look below...see the player on the left NAGY lifting his right arm in triumph after the Kings scored a goal.

His glove - is covering my face! So close, yet so far away...


Anonymous said...

Exactly what did you see with Hayden and Milo, b/c I think the rumors are true too. I think they're adorable together.

Anonymous said...

Yea wat did u exactly see wit Hayden and Milo i think they r together too! :)