Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its Not The Lizard Dance!

A couple of weeks back, Jake and I were driving and he tells me how much he likes a commercial on tv. He's trying to explain it to me and he finally tells me its the one with the lizards dancing - you know "like this" and proceeds to do the moves from Thriller.

Me: "Oh yeah, the Thriller dance"
Him: "Nooo....the lizard dance"
Me: "Its not the lizard dance!!"

This went on for about 2 minutes, when again the harsh reality of parenthood hit. I'm always amazed that I forget that I have to teach my kid things. Yes, I sometimes assume that he's automatically downloaded with pop culture and history knowledge every night when he goes to bed. So when he had this look of "What the hell is Thriller?" I knew something had to be done.

My dear sweet friend (who was as offended at this as I was) let me borrow his Michael Jackson dvd to school the child in Michael Jacksonness...and class was in session last night my friends. As I was making dinner, Jake started watching the video and couldn't believe the mania that followed Michael at the pinnacle of his career.

The videos begin...he loved "Black or White", he didn't quite get "Billie Jean" (which quite frankly I kind of still don't get after all these years), and he looooooved "Remember The Time". I had to downplay the scariness of "Thriller" - you know zombie references can't be good for a 6 year old. So I would tell him, "ok, here comes a scary part" or "zombies can't be THAT scary if they can dance like that - right?!?!" The great thing is that he was watching the dancing and saying "how can this be the lizard dance if they aren't doing this move?" and then the move happens. I kind of got too much of a thrill in seeing his little "lizard dance" bubble burst when I showed him the proof that he was wrong. Yeah, I'm a good mom.

So, defeated, he agreed that he will not refer to it as the lizard dance anymore. We watched all the videos and he also liked BAD and BEAT IT. I was rambling on about what the videos were about and then made a comment about Weird Al and his parodies of the songs.

Low and behold - he now has a new favorite video:

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Tanya said...

It IS the Lizard Dance!! :-)