Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wet Balls

I didn't realize that getting guilted into a trip to the park at 8:45pm would result in a blog post, but it did.

We went to play a quick game of baseball, which in Jake's view consists of me pitching the ball to him and he hitting the ball as hard as he can so I can look like an idiot trying to get the ball back.

While I was standing at the plate, waiting for Jake to pitch the ball, I see a Golden Retriever getting closer and closer to us. I really didn't think much of it - mainly because Jake is doing his hysterical warm-up. Then the dog gets right up to Jake and sits in front of him. Now, my kid is not the best around dogs, I really don't know when or where he got his fear of dogs but he tends to tense up and puts out his hand to be smelled by the strange animal; not because he wants to be put at ease around the dog but because I'm usually standing there saying "LET THE DOG SMELL YOU!!!".

Anyways, he's standing there one hand out to be smelled and the other hand with his baseball glove on and the ball in it. What do you think the dog does? Yup, he snakes the ball. I found this be rather hysterical and only because Jake was a bit distraught that this dog just stole his ball that I did not fall down onto the grass and roll around laughing. Don't misunderstand that I didn't laugh - oh yes, I most definitely did. So as I'm laughing, Jake is chasing the dog across the park and he wants to take the ball away but doesn't want to piss off the dog by taking it away. I manage to stop laughing long enough to ask the owner to get the ball back. While he's scolding his dog in Mandarin - he returns our ball...full of slobber.

Now imagine that happening two more times and that my friends...was our trip to the park.


Anonymous said...

wish i could have been there to see it...sounds like everyone was having a blast including the dog LOL


mr_g said...

Freaking classic. Did it help his fear of dogs at all?