Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Not only has election day come and gone but that also means that my little pumpkin's birthday has arrived. Today - the Jakeman turns 7. Watching your child's birthday arrive is a very bittersweet moment at times. On the one hand, you are watching child grow into the person they are meant to be and you are there nurturing, guiding, and beaming with pride. On the other, they are turning into the person they are and the sarcasm comes out when you sing happy birthday to them and they say "Thanks mom, but you know you are never going to be on American Idol right?"

Thanks kid - you done make me proud!



Scott said...

Happy Birthday Jake. Is it bad that I saw the picture and thought, is that the Rocket Ride at Disneyland.

melissa said...

Nah - but it would be sad if you recognized people in the background.

p/s it was Autopia

Anonymous said...

Another fab year for your lil man! Congrats to you and Jake. =)