Thursday, July 27, 2006

I say Sake You Say BOMB!!

Another successful night at Tokyo Delve's last night. Had a group of friend gather there since Captain Tivo is in town and ended up popping a few Tokyo Delve's cherries that night.

I think we ended up having 4 kegs of beer and god knows how many sakes.

Here is Scott's review of the night.

my review;

sake bombs have adverse effect on me the next morning.
the end

After Tokyo Delves we walked over to Starbucks to get some coffee to try to wake us up a bit, here is Scott's review on that:

don't have fun, they frown on it.
leave the toilet seat down.
homeless people are funny.

When my headache goes away, I might post some more.

Anna - any details to add?


Anna said...

Sake Bombs are not nice the next day.

I got a lapdance from a waiter.

Don't go there to eat, there's not time.

I love a place that places Poison!!!

Oh, finally, Melissa- nice technique!

Anonymous said...

I am never drinking again...