Monday, May 07, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

I forgot a cardinal rule in first aid care for injuries - ice first then heat. That little trick would have saved me a week of aches and pains.

Last Saturday morning, while trying to do the lazy/stubborn thing of bringing all of my laundry up in one trip, I forgot to lift with my legs and thus lifted with my back. I immediately grabbed my back in agony and slowly took the hamper up, step by step, to my apartment on the 2nd floor. After I got there, I laid down on my bed and tried to relax and make the pain go away but to no avail.

I went downstairs to ask my neighbor for some advice since he suffers from back pain and he had a few suggestions. I'm sure the ice thing was said by people, but I didnt hear it. He gave me a heating pad thing that I could put on my back and as I went out the door for a birthday party, I slapped it on and went on my merry way. Now this thing was really helping - I was able to stand and even be rather charming. When I got home, I went to bed in hopes of feeling better and getting over this pain by Monday.

Oh I was so wrong.

Sunday, I basically stayed in bed all day - watching Battlestar Gallactica on dvd (I am not a geek! It was recommended highly by several friends). And the pain wasnt just soreness but actual pain! Pain when I sat up, pain when I got up, pain pain pain!

Monday rolls around and I go to work. Today is a bit better - I can sit and walk but I cant do any sudden movements or stand up with any sort of speed or grace. One of my coworkers recommends those icy/hot pads to put on my skin to help with the soreness.

Let me state that Icy/Hot pads are the freakiest things ever. One minute they are cool, then all of a sudden hot. Yes, I got the wise ass remarks of "duh, icy/hot is in the name" but seriously! I felt like I was going through menopause!

I'm finally just sore in one specific spot and I can run up the stairs, not that I have any need to run anywhere. I feel like I learned a major lesson about the importance of icing an injury. Just like my cousin learned one about which one is right: acid to water or water to acid.

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