Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reason 10,436 Why I Love My Kid

Conversation that Jacob and I had while watching the Red Wings/Ducks game on Sunday afternoon.

Jake: Mom - who are you cheering for?
Me: Hmm - probably the Red Wings - why? Are you cheering for the Ducks?
Jake: Of course! If the Kings arent playing - then I'm going to cheer for the Ducks!
Me: But you cant cheer for the Ducks if you are a Kings fan...its called a rivalry. If I had to choose between the Red Wings and the Ducks than I choose the Red Wings.
Jake: But you dont have to choose - you can just cheer for the Ducks, like me!
Me: You know, you are right - I shouldnt have to tell you who to cheer for. No one should. You have to make that choice on your own and decided what you like and what you dont like, just as long as you try everything out, right?
Jake: Right mommy.
Me: But there is one thing we do agree on right?

Jake takes a long moment to think about it...

Jake: Yes! Bush is an idiot!

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