Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been sitting at my computer trying to figure out how to type up my feelings on my softball team. Its been a whole 5 minutes and I'm drawing a blank. Usually, when I have a blog to post, its basically written in my head by the time I get to the keyboard - but not tonight!

Lets just list the items that come to mind and see how that goes:
1) We have played 4 games and we are 0-4.
2) We have been mercy ruled 3 of those 4 times.
3) We play at a park that is frequented by transexuals and lets just say that Jake had quite an interesting look on his face on our first night at the park.
4) I finally got a hit last night!! I got a single and ended up scoring a run. And yes, when I got to first I started screaming, "I got a hit! I got a hit!" While standing at 2nd base, the second baseman jokingly told me to calm down - I told him to relax and let me relish my moment.
5) Some people take softball REALLY seriously.
6) Apparently, its a tactic for other girls on the teams to wear really short shorts and a push up bra in lieu of a sports bra. I may have to rethink my wardrobe.
7) If you are standing in right field - you dont get many balls hit to you...unless the guy is a lefty and shoots a line drive right at your head!
8) When I was the catcher, I was told to talk trash to get into their heads. Apparently, my teammates didnt mean flirting with the players.
9) If you are playing catcher, you can inhale really hard and get a good contact high from the guy on his bike behind the fence.
10) Is it a normal for someone to basically pass out from exhaustion when you get home from playing a game? Just asking

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