Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SHUT UP! Its been a month?

Ok - so maybe the people have a reason to a little upset with me that I havent posted. Sorry folks! Much stuff has been going on - some good and some not good but c'est la vie.

We have soldiered through and survived!

I promise (really this time) a new and more dedicated poster. I have some stuff that has happened that will be posted and other stuff that will be left untold. But in the end - you get what you want, me posting...that is if you are still out there.

Upcoming on the blog!
~ I realize (yet again) why I don't drink martinis
~ Softball has started and I'm assigned "Backup Outfielder", which is sort of pathetic because its softball.
~ HEROES rules as THE BEST show on television...
~ Watching cartoons with a 5 yr old gets more interesting when you add your own storylines.
~ You have to lift with your legs...not your back...a hard lesson to learn.

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Anonymous said...

YEA...YOUR BACK!!! I've missed reading your blog....