Monday, May 21, 2007

The Royal Treatment

This morning I had my physical. Ahh - physical - with the physical comes an annual exam that tends to humiliate about 50% of the population.

I show up to the offices bright and early, almost excited to get rid of this thing on my "To Do" list. As I'm waiting in the exam room, this very cute boy comes in and introduces himself as Chris. Chris is a 3rd year med student that is going to be taking my history and answer any questions I may have before the exam actually begins.

I'm really too enthralled with Chris's boyish good lucks to realize that I'm answering his questions in a flirty/sarcastic way. I've almost convinced myself that Chris is flirting back! Is he really? How old is he? Is this professional? If it isnt, do I really care? No, I don't.

I answer the sex questions.
I answer the trick questions to find out if I'm depressed or not.
I answer the exercise/diet questions.

I'm almost home free!

He excuses himself while I change. My doctor comes back and asks me if I have any problems with Chris doing the actual cute doctor boy! I resolve that this would be my lot in life and say its fine. I do have a hard time actually "giving him access" because I've realized who Chris reminds me of. As I'm laying there, I'm thinking "Prince William is giving me a pap".

Nice knowing you William - you owe me dinner and a few drinks.

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Anna said...

LMAO! I must share MY experience now. I went to this new OBGYN a few years ago because I changed my insurance. He came in, shook my hand and say... ok... "get those legs up." HUH!!! IT GETS WORSE!!

He gives me a breast exam and on the way --- down to the other end--he stops and says, "If you want to stop shaving forever, I can laser it off"

Needless to say, I switched doctors after that.