Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lazy Weekend

I love weekends when I don't make any plans. I love that the only things I did have plans for were to do my laundry and catch up on the movies from Netflix - oh yes, and watching that hockey game featuring my favorite group of scrappers. What an interesting weekend it turned out to be.

Saturday was relatively quiet - I had every intention of doing a full cleaning of the apartment, but that procrastination kicked in and I think I ended up dozing off while watching some rerun of I Love Lucy. The sunset and the countdown to the game began. After the first two periods - I didn't know if my loyalty and love for my team was going to get me through till the end of the game. My Kings were down 4-0 and looking like their week off had put rust on their gears. Then my loyal reader(s)...THEN - the ass kicking began! It was 4-1, then 4-2, 4-3....4-4! Then by golly the Kings took the lead! They actually set a franchise record in scoring 5 goals in 5 minutes and 7 seconds (yes, I didnt have to look that up, shut up)! I was actually jumping up and down and screaming in my apartment anytime they scored. At least I wasnt wearing my jersey while watching the game at home. Right after they took the lead - a penalty was called on the Kings and Dallas tied it up sending it to overtime. In overtime, the Kings score and win!

You can see the yo-yo of emotions from this highlight reel (please ignore the ass kicking at the beginning of the video, thanks!)

Sunday, I didn't have to fight anyone for the laundry and managed to watch Pan's Labrynth on my brand new laptop! I freaking love this thing!

But the best part - THE BEST PART of this whole weekend was that I was actually going to see The Departed. Now, if you are not aware of my drama with this movie, let me give you a little run down. I got The Departed from Netflix in June... J-U-N-E. For one reason or another, I would always procrastinate in watching it. So finally today was the day. I pulled the DVD out of the sleeve and put in the DVD player....I pushed play and nothing. Nothing? NOTHING! I turn the DVD player off and turn it back on. Same thing. I take the DVD out and its scratched to hell. CRAP! So I put it away to send back and figure I can just get it on pay-per-view. But, I can't find my remote for the cable box to order it. Sigh - I'm destined to not see this movie.

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