Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movie Review: Enchanted

In lieu of staying home and being tortured by the play of my favorite football team, I invited my family to go watch Enchanted in the theaters.

When I first heard of this movie, I thought - "Oh God! Seriously?" I thought it would be cheesy and not very funny. Then, I saw the trailer and thought "Ok - it is Disney. It looks campy. And it breaks out into song in the middle of Central Park. Maybe its not that bad." So I have actually been looking forward to this movie coming out for a while now and this morning the curiousity was quenched.

Now - a little quiz for my avid readers - between the 6 year old and the 31 year old - who LOVED this movie? I'll give you a hint...its the one who DOESN'T get the whole Pokemon thing.

Lets just say when the movie ended, Jake said "Thank goodness thats over! Can we go to the park now?" He hated all the songs, which was funny considering that the night before we stayed up until midnight watching White Christmas. So, if you know me even a little bit, you know that I loved this movie and yes...I was crying through most if it (I have no shame!).

If you haven't seen a preview, the movie is about a soon to be fairy tale princess that is sent to modern day New York and meets up with a New Yorker and his daughter who end up helping her while she waits for her Prince Charming to rescue her.

Giselle, played by Amy Adams (who I only knew as the Debra Messing's little sister from The Wedding Date) is so cute and charming as the displaced princess. One part I was cracking up at was when she woke up in New York and was calling the woodland animals to help her clean. Well, in New York, there are not many woodland creatures, but there are plenty of cockroaches, rats, flies, and pigeons that show up to help.

This is a family movie but can very easily pass for a date movie. The movie is rather predictable (its a Disney movie for goodness sake) but it has enough charm and wit to keep even those pesky cynical guys entertained.

Final Rating: Full Price

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