Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Involuntary Self-Imposed Hiatus Is Over

Thats what you get when your computer basically says "Yeah, I know you want to turn me on, but I'm going on vacation!" and then, well, not turning on - at all.

I have to admit, this whole computer being on the fritz thing was pretty funny. I asked a friend of mine to check it out and the next day when I went to see him about it, our conversation sort of went like this:

Me: Hi!
Him: Hello
Me: So tell me! Did you get a chance to figure it out?
Him: Um, how long have you had this computer?
Me: I dont know, about 7 years I think.
Him: Huh
Me: Why?
Him: Because I havent seen anything like this in about 10 years.
Me: Really?
Him: Yeah, it was kind of funny.
Me: How funny?
Him: I also found a spider web in there.
Me: (speechless)

I have officially started looking for a laptop.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHHH!! get a macbook!! I totally love my imac and macbook, I'll never go back to regular old PC...booooooo....lol

Did I mention you should get a macbook? just checking.......